Devil May Cry HD Collection debut trailer

Capcom released the first trailer for Devil May Cry HD Collection.

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rezzah2754d ago

The only issue with this, if anyone would actually consider this to be an issue, is the DMC3 is the special edition; which means that it is the dumbed down version with extra content.

The original DMC3 was and probably still is considered to be one of the top ten hardest games of all time. Basically easy mode = hard mode.

Capcom later released DMC3SE which included Virgil as a playable character with his own story, however they made the game easier due to complaints of how hard the original was.

I'm not complaining since I never got to play as Virgil since I have the original DMC3.

Army_of_Darkness2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

That did not look Hi-def at all........gezz capcom, try to put a little more effort! just look at santa monica and they're God of war collections! outstanding HD collections! This however.... (-_-)

Valvatorez2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Virgil didn't really have his own story,just a new starting cut scene.Other than that you did the same levels that Dante did,with no cut scenes between levels and for the bits where Dante fights Virgil,you still fight Virgil only he is wearing red instead of blue.It was kinda cheap that they didn't let us fight Dante.

rezzah2754d ago

Thx for the clarification, like I said I never played it since I had the original. At least I can when this Collection comes out.

DanteLinkX2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

You are wrong sir, get your facts straight, dmc3 SE is the SAME game as DMC3 difficulty wise, only difference is that they widen the difficulties level, for example, dmc3 comes with easy, normal, hard, dante must die and heaven or hell difficulities, dmc3 se comes with easy, normal, hard, VERY HARD, dante must die and heaven or hell. so its scaled down, in dmc3 se normal is dmc3´s easy, hard is normal, very hard is hard, and dante must die is dante must die. So all in all it only has a new difficulty "very easy" that is dmc3 se EASY.

The game also has turbo mode, wich increases the game speed by 20% keeping the 60fps. Not to mention vergil who is an amazing character.

So all in all, dmc3 se IS a vastly superior game than dmc3.

rezzah2753d ago

My bad, was going by information I thought was correct since DMC3SE release.

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Knushwood Butt2753d ago

This is Capcom: anything for a cheap, easy cash grab.

badz1492752d ago

they call THAT as HD??'s CRAPCOM, so it make total sense!

Dart892754d ago

Oh shit that's the Dante i know and not that twilight emo.

Sonyslave32754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

But dante from 2 and 3 r emo

I want dante from 1 back

BiggCMan2754d ago

Ummm. No? Dante is just older in 2, so he is more mature, less cocky. He is the youngest in 3, the most badass and most cocky of all.

rezzah2754d ago

Dante in 2 just talked less, how does that make one emo?

Also Dante was his youngest age in DMC3, making him cocky and immature (with style).

BTW doesn't emo mean emotional?

So does this imply that if a male shows, or even feels, emotion he is instantly considered to be emo?

Going by your logic Dante cries in DMC, so that would make him emo in DMC too....>_>

OmegaSlayer2753d ago

This is how a Devil May Cry trailer must look like, despite the graphics.

Codeman4202754d ago

um is it just me or did that not look like the other HD remasters. kinda looked like PS2 graphic instead of remastered graphics

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akaFullMetal2754d ago

doesn't look they did much for hd collection.

MeatAbstract2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Woo, Devil May Cry!

Yay, Devil May Cry 3!

And urm...Devil May Cry 2...*cough*

So far, this could of been a PS2 trailer. Doesn't like they've re-mastered it very well when compared to the GoW Collection or ICO Collection. Still, at a decent price I'd love to play DMC again, bloody loved that game.

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