PV preview of Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 theme song revealed

Here is Fukui Mai's PV preview for the Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 theme song, Yakusoku no Basho.

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[email protected]2543d ago

Been honest the Japanese version sound more natural.

DarkBlood2543d ago

because its made by the japanese that its better or the fact that thier music seems to be favoured a bit more then other versions as so it seems on this site?

Amiz2543d ago

They sound about the same to me.

I think the song itself is pretty mediocre and both singers have done their best with what they were given.

I miss the days of Eyes on Me or 1000 Words. They were actually good songs with good English versions. Square just doesn't seem to care anymore :-(

dgroundwater2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I liked XIII's better but this is still nice enough.

The best Japanese theme song for a game I've played lately was for Fragile Dreams by Aoi Teshima.