Objectification of men in games

BT: We’ve talked a ton about how female characters in games are often sexualized and designed with the straight male gaze in mind. The norm is for developers to dress a female character (whether it is a protagonist or an obscure NPC) in scantily clad outfits, pose them in ways that accentuate their sexuality, and give them personalities that are shallow and desires that appeal to straight male players.

But what about male characters? Is it possible to compare the objectification of female characters in games to the macho musclebound male character design?

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thebudgetgamer2544d ago

I don't because that would make me a hypocrite. If the girls can dress sexy why not the guys.

Titanz2544d ago

I have no issue being a sexual objection of affection.

Tuxedo_Mask2543d ago

Let's be honest, video game characters would be pretty bland if they reflected people in real life. I'd rather play as Solid Snake or Bayonetta than Al Gore or Sarah Palin.

ShaunCameron2543d ago

Agreed. Even the "realistic" video games aren't entirely realistic. If they were then in all shooter and action games, you'd be dying in one or two hits.

Hazmat132543d ago

im a dude but i go gay for nathen drake. LOL

Amiz2543d ago

Why not? Men like sexy women, women like sexy men. I'm surprised developers haven't jumped on that yet.

Dowie2543d ago

Thank you. Somebody actually understands the basic principle without complicating the whole thing.

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