Blame Japan - Passing the Buck in a Culture of Dismissal

When "Why so sexist?" was posed to a panel including Capcom's Seth Killian, the face of the modern Street Fighter community, I couldn't help but take notice. I was excited when Killian opened with a promise to "take that one on the chin." Would he, really? Was he going to take responsibility, even a little bit, for the current status quo?

Sadly, no.

His first response wasn't only to pass the buck to Japan, but to set the tone for the topic with a joke. "Japan's a very different place," he explained, pausing for the laughter which promptly rose from all corners of the room. (Street Fighter games are primarily made by Capcom in Japan.)

Blame Japan.

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Lavalamp2592d ago

Oh wow. Going into this, I thought it was going to be another misinformed, backhanded chide against Japanese culture and sexual expression, but to my surprise it was anything but. In fact, I love that it's aim was to provide contributing factors that make the notion of simply "blaming Japan" a poor excuse at shifting the blame and demonizing the innocent.

JeepGamer2592d ago


Typically whenever somebody brings up the sexist nature that permeates video games you will get several dozen hyperventilating denials and protests about how it's not that bad and you're taking it too seriously.