What Assassin’s Creed Could Learn from Shadow of the Colossus


"I’ll grant that I may be in the minority in preferring the original game to any of its sequels. And I certainly enjoyed my time with the other games. But I’m beginning to notice a lack of focus that’s been problematic for each sequel.

Focus isn’t often mentioned when we talk about why games work or not. When it comes to this genre, it’s not an easy term to define. But if you’ve played Shadow of the Colossus, then you have an example of focus used to great effect."

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BadCircuit2538d ago

I agree that having a focus, like say with Uncharted, does make the game seem to flow more. But I also love all the new stuff they've added to the Assassin's series.

MostJadedGamer2538d ago

I totally disagree with everything the article says. I love the game is becoming less, and less, and less focused with every sequel. I also hated AC1.

I am excited for the far deeper, and more personalised assassin's guild, the tower defense battles, and the even lengthier city building elements in Revelations, and being able to craft 300 different bombs should also add a lot of depth to the game too.

I am not really a fan of assassinations or stealth so I am glad that is becoming less, and less, and less of a focus with every game.

I want freedom, and variety not focus, and restricted, and it looks like Revelations will give us far more freedom, and variety then any other AC game. I am excited about the direction they are taking with AC.

gaminoz2538d ago

Zombie Templar Horde mode!!!! What an idea!

If World At War, based on history, can do

I agree though, the fist game might have had repetitive missions, but it did have an excellent sandbox with a focused story.

UltimateIdiot9112538d ago

Honestly, I'm so tired of the Zombie theme.

Maybe something new like werewolf? vampires? mummies? Just something different would be nice.

gaminoz2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Mummies!!!! That would be a change at least, but the principle is the same....Horde mode.

I'm over zombies too actually.

Belgavion2538d ago

Saying the original had a certain 'somberness' about it is a perfect and accurate description. I sort of miss it, too

HeavenlySnipes2538d ago

They should focus on catering to players that expect the stealth part of a game about assassins. You aren't really rewarded for being stealthy, and its not like combat against large groups is hard anyway, so killing everyone in sight is actually a viable option

MostJadedGamer2538d ago

Stealth is boring, and tedious. The less focus on stealth the better.

Blaine2538d ago

1 thing:


I hate how in Assassin's Creed (and InFamous alike) your character will gravitate to any flat surface and automatically stick to it. Example: ffs, I DIDN'T WANT to land on that railing, I was trying to jump over it to catch my target who's running away, but now he's gone. Or: I'm trying to fall to the ground from this 3 floor building to run away from that mob, NOT GRAB ONTO every single brick on the way down, which slows my escape and gets me killed.

rezzah2538d ago

Those don't always happen, also they have the grab option to grab anything within arms reach while falling. Just hold down "O" i think and use the analogue stick to reach around.

Still I know what you're talking about but it isn't that big of a deal.

Eske2536d ago

That was a bigger issue for me with Infamous. Cole stuck to every surface like he was magnetic.