AMD announces sweeping layoffs

Today AMD began announcing several layoffs. Up to 10% of its workforce may get the pink slip.

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ATi_Elite2758d ago

sad to see people get laid off but AMD CPU division is just no threat to Intel what so ever.

The GPU side of AMD is kicking ARSE but AMD's upcoming Bulldozer CPU is a joke! AMD just doesn't have what it takes to compete with Intel.

With Intel's prices and performance.......there's almost NO reason to buy a AMD CPU anymore except for budget builds looking to get a AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition for $120.

Maybe some of those folks can get a job at Nvidia's Tegra division or at Arm

AllroundGamer2758d ago

yep i was waiting for a bulldozer cpu but instead i bought a i7 2600k (the overclocking possibilities of this cpu rocks) and it was a good decision when i look at the bulldozer benchmarks... AMD shame on you!

qwertyz2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

well AMDs gpu expertise are better than intels will EVER be so at least they are good for something

darthv722758d ago

The amd vs intel times were some of the best. They were going toe to toe with each other and then after they bought ATI it just all.....changed.

I am using the ati purchase as a generalization. I cant remember when it actually changed but it certainly has something to do with their R&D funding for new processor tech not being as high.

I build with AMD and have not built an intel system since...the P3 days. God damn that is a long time ago. I hear good things about the "core" chips. I may just have to check them out.

saladthieves2758d ago

AMD was okay and safe during the Athlon 64 era days as these processors were king of the hill in terms of performance back then.

But Intel went ahead and came up with the Core line and just left AMD in the dust...they've never been able to catch up ever since.

I agree on the CPU side - there's almost no reason to get an AMD processor these days because they are playing catch up with Intel. By the time they revise their line of processors to come up with something new, Inte'ls processors would've dropped in price, at affordable ranges.

Alos882758d ago

Sounds like A Minor Downsizing.

NamelessTed2758d ago

How is this video game news?

Fishy Fingers2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It's in the tech and industry channels. If you can't see any relation, my advice would be stick to the console comparison threads and the like.

primesuspect2754d ago

AMD is providing the GPU for every single next-gen console. AMD also provides GPUs and CPUs for gaming PCs. It's definitely, definitely video game news.

pucpop2758d ago

Intel is a nicer name.

NYC_Gamer2758d ago

blame their half ass effort with bulldozer

ATi_Elite2758d ago

Half ass effort...more like quarter ass effort!

Bulldozer barely beats Core i7 920.