DLC Quest Mocks The Gaming Industries' Infatuation With Pricey DLC

Going Loud Studios is taking a stand, and by "stand" I mean releasing a video game; a video game that mocks the gaming industries' need to "provide" DLC for games. Never fear, DLC Quest is here! DLC Quest is a satirical video game poking fun at larger game companies and their need to release DLC for games that you've purchased, and charging you for them.

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Nerdmaster2544d ago

The guys from Capcom should play it. Or not, maybe instead of taking it as a criticism, they might end up getting new ideas.

PooEgg2544d ago

I agree, and not only Capcom - EA and Activision could learn a thing or two.

To be honest I don't mind some DLC, as long as it is good, fairly priced, isn't exclusive to Pre-orders, isn't day 1, and isn't already on the disc that I paid for I am okay with it.

MasterD9192543d ago

At some point DLC should be released by the gamers themselves as well...That would destroy the DLC price model. Look at mods today. Quite impressive and damn near limitless.

Jayonhavok2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I honestly don't mind when unnecessary items cost a few dollars; it's our choice to purchase them. When a company charges you $15 for a map pack for MP, that's just ridiculous. You paid for the game, you should be able to play the game. I think VALVe has it right. Everything they charge for is purely cosmetic. Map packs are yours as long as you have the game.