Gearbox Says Duke Nukem Forever Wasn't Reviewed Fairly, Compares It To Half-Life

It's been several months since the once-thought-dead Duke Nukem Forever came back from the grave and was released by Gearbox to some heavily mixed reviews. Now Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel has spoken out about the problems he saw in the reviews and why he thinks some people were disappointed with Duke's return.

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360ICE3250d ago

Listen, Gearbox. Duke Nukem Forever was terrible. Terrible. It was reviewed fairly, and should never be mentioned in the same sentence as half-life unless the words "this is completely the opposite of" are in the same sentence.

TheFirstClassic3250d ago

Ha I had a friend who bought it, he hated it so much I felt sorry for him.

SantistaUSA3250d ago

I'm a big Duke Nukem fan, I have great memories from DN3d but this was garbage, sorry to say, got it on PC and regret it!

darthv723250d ago

you need to review it in the year 2000 review style. Obviously the game was strung along but the mechanics werent. It may be a bad game but that is compared to today's level of shooter.

If we looked at it like a 2000 type of shooter it probably fits right in. Retro review would put it at a 7 maybe 7.5 but half life it aint. That game transcends time and still is the mark to beat for immersive story (my personal opinion of course).

TheFirstClassic3250d ago

@darthv72 That was exactly what they were saying, but its really no excuse, you can't blame reviewers for reviewing it like a recent shooter, because it is a recent shooter.

hay3249d ago

I agree with Gearbox. DNF is a great game and reminded me of good old shooters like HL with it's gameplay.

It's sad to see people like to play same shit all the time and can't appreciate great piece of game just because it's oldschool. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Sony3603249d ago


Look at Serious Sam if you want to see this kind of shooter done right.

It manages to get good reviews while maintaining the "year 2000 style".

SilentNegotiator3249d ago

It was a pitiful attempt at humor, had poor gameplay mechanics, dull weapons and level design, ugly graphics, and it was short and buggy.

You're right, it wasn't reviewed fairly....if not for the "Duke Nukem" in the title, it would have gotten the lower scores it deserved.

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SoapShoes3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Uh I don't think it was terrible. It just played differently than most games do now and that's not a bad thing. It was more old school and played a lot like the older ones did. I had fun with it but I wouldn't put it at the same level as Half Life.

showtimefolks3250d ago

its been on sale at gamefly for 9.99 forever and i never bought it. Even though a lot of people told me its 10 bucks how bad could it really be and than my friend for me and said really bad lol

I want future DN games but only if done right they don't need to be retail version of the game make the 29.99 or 39.99 games and just single player story

but to say DNF for a better game than it was reviewed than that's just not true

Tommykrem3249d ago

Some of them maybe, but there are reviewers out there that are tired of the new wave of shooters and hiding behind walls.

I think DNF is an insult to the Duke Nukem franchise. Graphics are mediocre, puzzles are far to easy and they happen several times, design is bland (very next-gen gray in fact) and I thought the shooting wasn't really that satisfying either. There are some funny jokes there though.

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NYC_Gamer3250d ago

how could you compare that pos to half-life?

PirateThom3250d ago

Hold on, hold on, they may have a point....

They are both FPS games and Gearbox finished off one game and ported the other to PS2, thus finishing it.

The similiarities are endless.

Chnswdchldrn3250d ago

No I'm pretty fuckin sure I'd rather play through Half Life 1 now than the abomination Gearbox shat out.

It is shit now, and would have been shit back then too.

MeatAbstract3250d ago

In all fairness Gearbox didn't 'shit out' anything. They helped Triptych Games (the remaining people from 3D Realms that were working on DNF from home after the company went bust)to polish the game and release it.

If anyone left this brown stain of a game on the floor, it was 3D Realms and their inability to work hard on a game without gettig jealous of other products and changing engines all the time.

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