PS3 ad appears in European football match

Despite the launch of the PlayStation 3 being delayed in Europe, fans were surprised to seean advertisement for the console at a UEFA Champions League match between Barcelona and Levski Sofia. The simple banner advertisement featured a black background, with the words, "PLAYSTATION 3" and the PlayStation brand logo.

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bernie5861d ago

Sony obviously had to book (and pay) for the space months in advance and even though the PS3 won't turn up, the advertising boarding still has to sit there.
I would imagine a lot of pointless cash has been spent by Sony, that now will be written off.
Shame the advertising space couldn't be sold on at short notice, never mind.

TheMART5861d ago

At least it won't make up for having no PES6 or Fifa untill the end of next year on PS. Want gaming this Christmas and have soccer the coming year you'll need to get yourself a 360

lalaland5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

I know it's not as good as PES, but it's on par with FIFA gameplay wise (from my point of view atleast). They might just surprise us with that one early next year.

And remember, with the X360 PES-exclusivity being for Europe only and just this year, it effectively is a non-starter, since the PS3 is first released in Europe next year. What a waste of money by MS.

Ofcourse there is always the last resort of just playing the good old PS2 PES on ones more-or-less fully backwards compatible PS3 for the few months waiting.

lalaland5861d ago

... meaning that all Champions League matches has the ad there. This is the continuation of a many year long sponsorship -- earlier years it was for Playstation 2.

The finals of the Champions League will be played after the launch of Playstation 3 in Europe and because of this it makes sense to continue the sponshorship. And this is after all the biggest football club-tournament on earth with viewers tuning in from all over the world on every gameday.

TheMART5861d ago

But they're not able to play Fifa or PES6 on the console. The console is not here before spring, the games are not here before the end of 2007...

That's silly advertising

lalaland5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

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DC RID3R5861d ago

damn right mart!!!!
i saw the billboard ads last night whilst watching chelsea vs werder bremen!!!!
had to laugh to myself

lalaland5861d ago

Since you obviously don't know anything about advertising, let me enlighten you.

Advertising is about generating consumer awareness and brand recognition. There are different approaches to this but most important is to be where your target audience is. Sony is doing exactly that with their CL sponsorship hitting almost all males between the ages of 12 and 40 in all of Europe (and some parts of the rest of the world). Furthermore it's a high-class sporting event matching the PS3's suggested brandprofile, and with major mediaattention. For theese and a lot of other reasons, the sponsorship is just what Sony needs.

A sponsorship like this doesn't have to have anything directly to do with the event. I.e. Ford Focus and MasterCard are also sponsors of CL and as far as I know, they don't have any football games for either their cars or creditcards.

Boink5861d ago

advertising for the system at major matches shortly after you ruined kids christmas's?


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The story is too old to be commented.