Dealspwn - Battlefield 3 Console Review

It's EA's own fault, really. With their 'Beyond the Call' marketing, they stepped up to the plate, squaring off against Activision's record-busting series and poured scorn upon their adversaries. Since Epic's 'Duty Calls' video earlier this year (let's not forget who helped publish and distribute Bulletstorm), Call of Duty has come under fire for being boring, linear, uninspired and repetitive. The smack talk in the press has been absurd, everything geared towards EA trying to beat Activision at their own game.

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jriquelme_paraguay3254d ago

MP 9/10
SP ?/10 and i dont care.. lol..

JellyJelly3254d ago

"When it works (and we'll come onto that in a bit), Battlefield 3 is probably the one of the finest console FPS multiplayer titles ever. No, that's not an exaggeration."

I have encountered less problems with BF 3 than with many other online titles (the slow matchmaking in Gears 3 for example) so for me it's still finest console FPS multiplayer title ever. Many reviewers seem to be nit-picking it to death in a way I know they won't nit-pick MW3.

GMWPS33254d ago

I' just got the game and started the single player campaign.....surprisingly I'm impressed. The little I've played is better than what I played in COD black ops. The sounds of the weapons are fantastically real sounding. Best to have a surround sound system or headphones otherwise you are missing one heck of an experience.

Then the dialogue is more 'real' in the sense that it makes you feel like part of the team and feel their tension and stress. Finally, the graphics are good too.

Maybe my opinion of the overall single player campaign will change as I progress but as of now I'm hooked in enough to want to continue playing. However, might have to hit pause if I get Uncharted 3 tomorrow!

TheFirstClassic3254d ago

I couldn't stand the black ops campaign. Then again,I didn't like that game in general. When I ever get the urge to play cod, I actually just pop in cod4.

GMWPS33253d ago

Actually, I too couldn't really stand the Black ops campaign. So I should rephrase that Battle field 3 is faaaaarrrr better! :-)