Rumour: GTA V is almost 2 and a half times larger than Red Dead Redemption

SystemLink: "Since this isn't confirmed by Rockstar themselves, we're tentatively treating this as a rumour for now, but the source is one of France's largest video games websites. JeuxVideo is reporting that the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is 2.5 times larger than that of Red Dead Redemption - which, to use the scientific term, is descried as 'Goddamned huge'."

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NYC_Gamer3402d ago

it's very possible 5 could be way bigger in size than red dead

Shaman3402d ago

That would explain jets they shown, I think that was on purpose. Good to hear non the less.

aCasualGamer3402d ago

Yeah, i take it they will use the same tech that they used for giving Red Dead the vast environments.

Rockstar are smart in how they do their business. Release GTA every 4-5 years and in between release other topnotch games like Red Dead so you can build a perfect engine for GTA games and use some of the tech in the games in between release.

I just wished they would go all out on this one, like having online poker casinos and real "sims" like customization for your penthouse and real engine part upgrades for your cars.

Seems that they are going more realistic with every GTA game release and it shows in the trailer. The emotional contact with other AI and dogs as pets. Seems more realistic, which is a good thing in my book as long as they don't forget the funpart of GTA games, and judging by the trailer they haven't forgot anything.

-Alpha3402d ago

And I assume it's also diverse.

What I hated about GTAIV was it lacked diversity. San Andreas had the best diversity, combining both quality of map and quantity of size.

I am a sucker for the gorgeous landscapes and was turned off by GTAIV's urban domination.

thehitman3402d ago

well its NYC so its going to be urban. What it lacked was more side/fun things to do like purchasing property and more mini-games.

-Alpha3402d ago

What about the surrounding area? Wont there be forests and deserts?

I am turned off by a modern urban setting, take me back to the 90s, R*!

irepbtown3402d ago

It lacked fun and needed some rural areas, totally agree. R* look like they've took care of those problem.

GTA: SA has always been my favourite GTA, hopefully GTA V will be better, and I say that because I miss that San Andreas feel.

One other thing they really need to add is crazy cheats. Spawning a proper fighter jet in SA was amazing, and spawning tanks etc.

steve30x3402d ago

I hope that if its a huge map that there is an equally larger ammount of missions to do. The great thing about having a huge map to me is the ammount of driving and exploring I will be able to do. Lets hope this news is true.

@ thehitman : you must have clearly missed the urban areas they showed in the GTA V trailer then.

jony_dols3402d ago

Hopefully they will go all out with the radio stations as well.

I just wanna hop back into a Hydra, tune into K-Dust & blow up a few civis, with Free Bird blaring in the backround!

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StraightPath3402d ago

this is very good news hoping its true.

himdeel3402d ago

That's easy. RDR was a big old empty space save a few buildings here and there. Comparing RDR size to a GTA game just doesn't seems fair in my mind.

jony_dols3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Then again there was a lot of countryside & empty space in San Andreas as well. (which was a good thing btw)

Hopefully all the small hick towns in the countryside, that were in San Andreas will be back again. I loved getting out of the urban environments, and hitting the free state.

Fingers crossed that we'll get the chance to back behind the wheel of combine harvesters!

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SystemLink_Simon3402d ago

2.5 times is HUGE! Rockstar impress me once again (assuming it's true obviously)

thrasherv33402d ago

I'm very excited to find out why this game has the honorary number next to it. Houser said it's only reserved for a big leap in the franchise. Sure hope he wasn't exaggerating...

a_bro3402d ago

well, it has been 3 years since GTAIV, and its going to be 4 years when this game launches, so something big must of happened within those 4 years.

Blacktric3402d ago

It's 3 and a half years. Not just 3. It was about time they announced it. Frigging Vice City came out earlier than the "announcement" of GTA V for God's sake. But at least they released great games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire.

hassi943402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Just after announcing GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony they announced that from now on every full GTA release would be numbered.

They said 'sure we had San Andreas and Vice City in between 3 and 4 - but this time The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are going to fill that void - but will be more like expansion packs than full games. This allows us to have big massive games developed while still feeding through content to keep players occupied'.

This isn't an exact quote, in fact it was actually like 3 different quotes I paraphrased and put together but he basically said that.

Dunno where to find the quote tbh - can't be bothered to look.

barb_wire3402d ago

I wonder if those mountains in the teaser are fully explorable..

Think they'll actually put "Bigfoot" in this one too?

LoLZoRz3402d ago

of course they will be explorable.

there wasn't any invisible walls in GTA's except I think in III in the last city when you go on some mountains if I remember correctly.

tigertron3402d ago

I remember flying out of the map to see if I could reach an invisible wall, but after about half an hour I gave up. :P

PhantomT14123402d ago

I think it was a dam on the last island. And at that time you couldn't swim.

DigitalAnalog3402d ago

"I wonder if those mountains in the teaser are fully explorable"

Mountains were somewhat explorable in Red Dead Redemption.

kramun3402d ago

That's fine by me. It will still be a lot bigger than what San Andreas was.

thebudgetgamer3402d ago

Yea, I'm still buying. Was hoping to spend some time in the casino.

kramun3402d ago

You may still get your wish I imagine. I should think that they've listened to all the criticism that GTA4 got and have taken it on board, and will probably be trying to take all that made San Andreas special and add it to this one along with everything else they have planned.

Hopefully they will anyway. Fingers crossed.

thebudgetgamer3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The only thing I really care about is free mode with friends up in the mountains. Or dogfighting in the jets.

steve30x3402d ago

"Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created."

Its much larger than your making it out to be thebudgetgamer

Grip3402d ago

huge is good but boring is not

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