Wii to Ship With Update Disc. Online Beta Dated

According to long-standing online Nintendo leak sources, the Wii will ship with a system updater disc when it goes on sale in the coming months. The content of the disc - referred to internally at Nintendo as Wii Start-Up Disc - is unknown, though it is speculated that a firmware update is required for the first batch of Wii hardware already waiting to go on sale.

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Sphinx5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

... the day I get a Wii I will be buying pretty much every decent Wii game out, and a bunch of great Gamecube games (for cheap!) that I've never gotten to play (because I never owned a Gamecube). I am so psyched!

OutLaw5864d ago

It's weird but I'm also looking forward to the Wii. There was a time I was knocking Nintendo to give it up already and make games for other systems. But now I feel they may have a shot to capture some of the market again and I wish them luck with the success of the Wii.

Sphinx5864d ago

I thought the same thing a while back, "Nintendo, just make Mario games for the XBOX and PS consoles alreayd!" Fortunately, they didn't give up like we did :) I am looking forward to playing with my wife, and having a couple of friends over for 4player games.

ChickeyCantor5864d ago

why put a update disc with it if nintendo can update the software it self before manufacture of the whole console

dikturbo5864d ago

It's obvious to me that the Wii has been in production for some time now if they have to include a firmware update. They aren't likely to open thousands (dare I say millions) of boxes to upgrade. These suckas are ready to go!

I have never bought a Nintendo system before I got hooked on my daughters DS (and bought one myself) and I agree with the folks ahead of me that say they never gave Nintendo much hope. Well, they're geting $250 of my bucks when this thing comes out. And there are a few great GC games that I will pick up now, ie Resident Evil 4.

Silly name but Nintendo is definetely on the road to regaining their leadership position in gaming.

Sphinx5864d ago

...I'll probably spend more money when first getting the Wii (console, Wii games, controllers, Gamecube games) than what I did when I first got my 360. I'm going to end up moving around funiture in my den to make it for nothing but games and gaming... that way I can play GOW and Crackdown, then pick up my Wiimote and dance around swinging it like a tennis racket or whatever.