Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Remade in GTA IV

Velocity Gamer: While searching for the GTA IV reveal trailer, as I wanted to compare the GTA V to the IV reveal. I came across this video where Youtube user smallgekas has remade the Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer in GTA IV. Check it out below.

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XGN_Alex3252d ago

I enjoyed that maybe a bit too much.

Op243252d ago

Kinda makes you think how cool Call of Duty might be in 3rd person. Whoever made this has some talent though.

MasterD9193252d ago

You could put that soundtrack over a shuffleboard tournament at an eldery retirement home and it would still be epic.

LakerGamerEnthusiast3252d ago

ahahaahhahahahahhahaha HILARIOUS VIDEO hahahahaha xD

this was good lol...