Topless girls used to promote The Need For Speed Pro Street in the UK

Shiny sport cars and ladies lacking clothes go together like… errrr selling and sex, so it wasn't entirely surprisingly to see EA promoting the latest version of Need For Speed in conjunction with The Sun's Page 3 girls Becky and Amii.

Or was it?

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MK_Red5049d ago

LOL, I already feel sorry for the poor teenage boy that sees this and buys the game for topless girls but ends up with a T rated game without nudity and has to deal with a not so great racing experience.

r3xmund15049d ago

TBH I did prefer the sandbox approach to NFS Most Wanted. But there is something awesome about tuning up my Dodge Charger R/T to over 800bhp and going down a 1/4 mile in under 10 secs.... its not as immersive as GT or Forza but it's fun.... The controls are tight and the cars responsive and yet more 'real' than previous NFS...

I dunno i just like the game for it's cars and sounds... in my gaming chair the driving noise is awesome... I guess simple things eh... heh

Well thats my 2p

MK_Red5049d ago

I didn't mean that NFS:PO is a bad game. It's just that with games from Forza 2 to PGR4 to DiRT all being racers, NFS isn't the AAA series it used to be.
And even if I say it's bad, I'm not an expert in racing games and for all I care, Burnout is the best racing series ever.
I was going to buy NFS:PO Yesterday but instead got BlackSite.

nirwanda5049d ago

Naked girl's in PRO STREET

TheHater5049d ago

So EA is using this tactic to sell this crap? Now you know how much this game suck

peksi5049d ago

...who would like to f*** girls like that in the hood of a Ferrari? Sex sells, people.

Girls cum to papa! Papa got a little candy for ya.

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The story is too old to be commented.