Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Japan’s Most Wanted Game

The people have spoken, and their voice seems to say that even though Final Fantasy XIII was a game that the fanbase, its anticipation level is beyond other games. Here's the top 15.

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knifefight4161d ago

Gonna go ahead and respectfully disagree with you on that one, people of Japan.

Tanir4161d ago

and im gonna disagree with you buying another generic shooter :D

on a realistic note though, there are no jrpgs this gen, so while this isnt on my top list i still want to play it. doesnt mean it has to be day 1

knifefight4161d ago

I also disagree with buying generic shooters. I haven't bought one since CoD 4. (I'd like to grab another some time soon, but the fankids drive me away.)

Re: "on a realistic note though, there are no jrpgs this gen"
Dude, really? Demons Souls and Dark Souls, Ni no Muthafuggin Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 4, the Yakuza games, Nier, Xenoblade if you can import, Tales of Vesperia, Resonance of Fate...some solid console RPGs coming out of Japan. And if you have a PSP, holy crap, the list increases 20fold. XD

wicko4161d ago

After playing FFXIII I am staying for away from this game unless I develop some sort of masochistic tendencies.

NeoBasch4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Coming from a person who's actually played most of those games, Final Fantasy XIII is a masterpiece that is criminally underrated.

While the Yakuza series has had a great story, the gameplay has left something to be desired. Final Fantasy XIII has both in spades. Resonance of Fate has great gameplay mechanics, but a terrible story. Demons Souls has excellent world-building but doesn't have any of the thrills Final Fantasy XIII has, though it is challenging. Nier is, well, yeah...

Tales of Vesperia is a great game but highly overrated. The story and characters are extremely cliché and the game beats you over the head with the genre tropes. And while Valkyria Chronicles has an outstanding combat system, the story is very been there, done that. The art style is unique and the characters make a great impression for their brief screen time, but it's no Suikoden and just like Vesperia it abuses genre (read: anime) tropes.

I'll admit, I haven't played the others. But judging by the majority you've listed here, you've done yourself and Tanir here a disservice by recommending some barely servicable JRPGs. Maybe learn not to be a hater like the rest of the West. There's an idea.

_Aarix_4160d ago

Lost odyssey..pretty much the best jrpg this gen.

knifefight4160d ago

OR it sounds like we just have different tastes :)
Your comment begins with a pompous "coming from someone who's actually played most of those" as if I haven't. I have and I think most of 'em are wonderful.

Valkyria Chronicles is my single favorite game of the last decade. In 100 Game reviews I've only ever given out 2 10/10 scores, and that was one of them :) It's fine if YOU don't like it, but hell, I love it and it revolutionized the tactical RPG.

You're welcome to dislike Nier -- that's your opinion. It's a rare case of a game being art and definitely not for everyone. For me, it was one of extremely few games that I played purely for the story. That and its soundtrack/direction really hit home. Dislike if you want, but I can't help but love it ^_^

I thought Final Fantasy XIII was a *good* game but not a *great* game and that's just that. Its sequel is something I'll eventually play, but not right away, because I've got Ni no Kuni and Type-0 staring me in the face, plus still have to finish VC3~

Just different opinions, yo. :)

knifefight4159d ago

Holy shit I just got a PM from NeoBasch. Dude, reply here until you're out of bubbles, THEN go to PM.

We disagree on our most anticipated games. We have different tastes. Boohoo, deal with it and stop acting like any opinion other than your own is invalid.

Optical_Matrix4158d ago

No JRPG's? Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia? Tales of Graces F and Ni no Kuni coming. White Knight Chronicles is criminally underrated. Eternal Sonata is great. I could go on

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Tanir4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

lol dude trust me i know of those jrpgs and they are amazing, waiting for Fate extra to come in tommorow and playing dark souls aswell as played most of the games on the list you mentioned.

but i meant HD current gen jrpgs.

and as for waiting for a translation version of a pc port using the Dolphin emulator so i can play it in HD also.

just sayin, im a jrpg freak and am looking forward to thhis game in some way. mostly because i love lightning lol

i have played basically of of psps jrpgs, ps3's and even infinite undiscovery on 360.

tho odd you labeled yakuza, i own them but dont consider them jrpgs.

typical jrpg is an interactive anime lol. which is great and we need more! besides f13-2 doesnt look bad at all. i thought ff13 was an alright game, so seeing that 13-2 is better in almost everyway i cant see myself being more dissapointed

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Simco8764161d ago

Yeah I don't understand this.... I mean just wait till XV

TopDudeMan4161d ago

I just can't get excited for the sequel to a final fantasy game that was, well not bad - but kinda meh

lastdual4161d ago

I find it more disturbing that 2 of the top 10 most anticipated games are girlfriend simulators...

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