Konami releases new details for Silent Hill franchise

Konami has announced a final release date for Silent Hill HD Collection and release months for Downpour and Book of Memories.

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4346d ago

Why Silent Hill 2 is one of the best survival-horror games of all time

GF365: "Silent Hill 2 is the sequel to 1999's Silent Hill, and it was released in 2001 by Konami. Here's why Silent Hill 2 is one of the best survival-horror games of all time."

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FTLmaster134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

100% agree! SH2 is undoubtedly a stone cold classic.

gold_drake134d ago

i played a couple of months ago for the first time.

i agree that its a great survival game, but i think the minute u realise you can "kill" them, its takes alot of the initial fear out of it.
the same thing happened to me in Siren Blood Curse.

but its definitely one of the best games, when you start looking into the lore and the symbolism

1nsomniac134d ago

Never played it. I had moved on from PlayStation since then. So looking forward to the remake. Hope it’s not too cheesy tho.

P_Bomb134d ago

Pyramid Head or Red Pyramid. Which do you guys call him?

Pickledpepper134d ago

I've just brought the silent hill collection for the ps2 and absolutely loving it

Knushwood Butt134d ago


I have the games, just no PS2.

Pickledpepper133d ago

I have a ps2 for sale and a n64 lol

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5 Worst Video Game Remasters That Ruined The Original

Here are five worst video game remasters that ruined its original material or at the very least, contributed to tarnishing its good name.

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Chard520d ago

how is it after the patches? Aren't there also more to come?

Amplitude520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Did people not like the Mafia 2 remake? I got so into it. Thought it was amazing. Never played the original.

Some of these are fitting but I can't help but feel like the author just has nostalgia for the original Mafia 2 here. Dmc Collection on PS4 is fiiiiine its just a collection of PS2 games and the PS3 performance was not amazing. The point is to just have the PS2 games for a new gen of people. Crysis Remastered is also totally fine and has been patched and updated to death since launch. The original version essentially ran on one CPU core and they couldn't fix it let alone get that running on console/switch so they had good reason to do what they did to boost interest in Crysis before the Crysis 4 announcement

Lots of way worse remasters out there lol GTA, THPS HD, that Mario 3D All Stars trash, etc

jeenyus520d ago

That's the issue, you haven't played the original.
The new one is slightly better looking but it's bugged af by comparison.

520d ago
monkey602520d ago

So in essence ... 2020 the year of bad remasters

Army_of_Darkness520d ago

Sounds like a case of quick cash grabs during the pandemic.