gametaroo! - Videogames: The Destroyer of Minds?

gametaroo! writes:

On page 15 of the London Evening Standard’s 2nd November 2011 edition is a large picture of the singer Lara Del Rey. There’s nothing untoward about that - she has, after all, recently enjoyed UK pop chart success with her single ‘Video Games’ managing to reach the top then. It’s not until you scan down the page and read the accompanying headline that you might - if you are a videogamer - find your interest being piqued:

'Video's Killed the Brain Cells'

As it transpires the story, written by Richard Godwin, is a small slice of praise for Del Rey’s song - ‘Video Games’, we are told, is a ‘heartbreaking ballad’ and a ‘perfect modern pop song, as authentic as they come. It takes an ancient theme (unrequited love) and puts it in a contemporary context (the object of her love keeps ignoring her, retreating into video games).

‘Video Games’ really is a lovely track, and one that deserves to be heard if you haven’t heard it already.

It is in the final pa...

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zerocrossing3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Whhaaaaatt!? Video game no hurt Brain!! :O

Seriously though this is nonsense, there is absolutely no proof that games have any ill effect on a persons health or psyche.

Jake_the_Dog3320d ago

I lost a few brain cells after reading this.