Nyko Ships Multi Reader for Xbox 360

Nyko Technologies, a premier peripherals manufacturer, has shipped the Multi Reader 360 for the Xbox 360 to major retailers. The Multi Reader(TM) 360 enhances the capabilities of the Xbox 360 by giving gamers an easy way to listen to music, view photos and participate in group gaming sessions with one affordable device.

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Gh0stDrag0n5856d ago

I have a normal 4 port USB hub, a USB keyboard, multiple USB flash drives, and a USB flash memory card reader ( 9 in one I think) that work on my 360.
Just start plugging stuff in :) It is called Universal Serial Buss for a reason.

Dukester1015856d ago

I have a 5 port USB hub. I see no reason to buy this because that works just as well. It's cheaper to buy that, than to buy this.
The only reason I see people buying this is b/c the color, and to me is no reason

Yomaster5855d ago

With my PSP, Play-N-Charge Kit, and my keyboard, I'm going to be needing a USB Hub VERY soon (especially for the Vision Cam). This delivers, but I can find a 5-port for way cheaper!

Mikey_Gee5855d ago

DO they think we are idiots ??

It's a USB hub


Got a 4 port a Walmart for $15 on sale and it works great.

BUT WAIT ... this one is green and will say 360 on the box so all the suckers will think it must be better.