Indie: The Future of Creativity?

Patrick of - "As a university student on a limited budget (£10 weekly shop, can I get a hell yeah?), I don’t have the money to spend on the shiny new triple A titles that cost me four weeks worth of food. Instead, I have discovered the joys of indie gaming."

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Darkfiber3208d ago

Well you're not going to find any creativity in AAA titles.

Anon19743208d ago

Too much of a risk. It costs so much more time and money this gen to create AAA games that push the hardware then it ever has, a big game that tries something new and fails can destroy studios. Silicon Knights made great games. Too Human came out, flopped and they've struggled ever since, finally laying off damn near their entire staff just recently.

When that much money is at stake, just like with movies, companies will tend to follow the formula rather then take risks. That's why the only games really trying new things are indie games and medium games being released as DLC. If those fail, you move on to the next game and try something else. It doesn't sink the entire ship.