Is Dead World The Sequel To Dead Island?

Siliconera: After Deep Silver released a slick teaser trailer, Dead Island jumped into the media spotlight and became one of Techland’s best selling games. Games that sell well tend to get sequels, so we won’t be too surprised if Dead Island 2 is in the works.

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Saryk2541d ago

Dead Island is a damn good game to me........I'd buy another or expansion, this DLC crap, I dont know about.

shadowknight2032541d ago

A full fledged expansion would be nice.

kma2k2541d ago

I liked dead island. I think the cutscenes & overall story ark needs to be cleaned up a bit but other than that hell yea bring on another one!

MasterD9192541d ago

Honestly, they couldn't meet the expectations from the last teaser....Hope they don't make the same mistake.

The game had no characters anyone could care about, was very bland and really isn't anything we haven't seen before. Would like to see them step it up for the sequel.

Cosmit2539d ago

Yeah. It was an amazing trailer to live up to. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game and finished it. But it was completely different from what I expected from it.

Still a good game though. Had fun with it.

MasterD9192539d ago

I think had they focused on a story with the family we saw in the trailer...we would have actually loved the game. I don't know many other games that even touched on the subject that that trailer did.

It should be more about survival and story than go here and whack-and-kill. It just seemed like an open-world L4D wannabe. I have faith they can vastly improve the 2nd game but I don't want to see another high quality trailer and a game that can't even meet the standards from the trailer.

Cosmit2539d ago

Yeah. I felt absolutely nothing for the Characters. Just boring and hard to feel anything for them. Had it been the family then I would have felt much more immerse.