Call of Duty 2 Sells Over a Million Units on XBOX 360

Activision sends word that Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 has sold more than one million units in the USA.

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The Real Deal5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

This is an AAA title that really welcomed gamers into the Next Generation of Gaming. The visuals are stunning, the smoke effects, the lighting, the gameplay. I wonder how much it has sold world wide. Its got to be close to 2 million. This game brings back launch day memories. Getting your brand new 360 home and playing this game in all its next gen glory. WOW. And the PC version, and the current gen versions didn't even come close to it. I can't wait for COD 3. I have a feeling at least 8 or 9 xbox 360 games will be at the million mark worldwide by now or soon.

lalaland5861d ago

Since june shipments implies two thirds of all X360's sold are sold in NA.

DC RID3R5862d ago

agreed bro!!!!
cod2, doa4 and pgr3 definately shed the light on next-gen gaming last year!!!!!

for any fanboy who hasn't divulged in the 360 due to the fact that it's an ms machine, just dont know what they've been missing!!!

next-gen started ages ago, nov 2005!!!!!

TheMART5862d ago

Sold close to 1 million in USA alone? Whow.

And if it's 2 million world wide... Counted on 5 million units sold at the end of June and about 7 million by now...

Whow that's well over 20% attach rate for that game. This has never been done before with any game on any console. Not even GT4 on PS or GTA or any other game.

And 360 is doing it with multiple games indeed. Don't forget about Dead Rising, Capcom hitseller. Man 360 owners spend big time!

lalaland5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )

... where X360 in NA outsold the X360 in Europe by a factor of 5:2 and an unbelievable 9:1 compared to Japan, I think it is, unless the X360 finally have taken off in Europe, highly unlikely COD2 would have sold 2 mill worldwide. If they are lucky it's more like 1,5 mill, which by itself is impressive...

TheMART5861d ago

Do not agree. If you take 5 million by the end of june sold. That's from december 2005 on in 7 months. That's little more then 700.000 units a month world wide. USA had an average of 250.000 units a month in that time. Remains wel over 450.000 units every month in the rest of the world. Where countries like Australia only could buy a 360 from Spring 2006 on. As other countries. So sales have stepped up on units since then.

So if with 250.000 units average a month, USA sold about close to or over 2,5 million 360's in USA up till now and got 1 million copies of GRAW sold, I expect that 450.000 units a month worldwide make over 4 million units at least, which equals 1.6 million copies of GRAW sold world wide excluded the 1 million sales of USA.

So I expect actually 2.6 million copies that have been sold world wide. To play it down, at least 2 million lalaland if you count with me.

You'll probably agree after this calculation, can't make it anything else!

Yo Wassap5861d ago

well halo 2 (although not a brilliant game) reputably made $120,000,000 on the first day which equals that. I think that the sales dropped dramatically afterwards though because almost everybody who wanted it had bought it.

TheMART5861d ago

I am talking about the number of copies compared on units sold now.

When Halo 2 was released, the XBOX was already selling for some years and had a larger fanbase installed.

That's why this has never been seen before. GRAW, COD2, PGR3: games that 1 out of 5 users at least own at this moment. If not 2 out of 5. That's a lot already

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Gamer135861d ago

Good to see that its done very well, times 2 million by the game price and you would probley get millions after millions - but im happy they make alotta money on it because it was a very good game.

Capt InsaneO5861d ago

I bought this game in Nov still playin it online daily. I got every penny of my $59 bucks out of this one. Im glad to see its doin this well. As long as treyarch is showin COD3 the same lovin it'll be a warm winter this year to.

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