HDTV: growing fast but most know little about it

A September Best Buy survey of more than 1,000 consumers showed many remain in the dark when it comes to HD:

• 89% feel they lack complete understanding of HDTV technology - how it works and what it takes to get the full HDTV experience.

• 41% of HDTV owners admit to knowing little to nothing at all about HDTV, they would not want to admit that to family and friends.

• 39% don't even identify an HD-ready TV as necessary for hi-def experience.

• Many consumers don't understand that additional components such as access to HD programming or an HD antenna (44%), HD cables (52%) and an audio system (62%) are necessary to get the optimum HDTV experience.

This news article also includes comments from a Best Buy operations manager, who briefly explains HDTV and consumers' experience with it.

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xplosneer3981d ago

A couple times I get calls, my aunt asked me about how these new technologies work. And my friends dad called me to find the WEP key for his wireless router to hook up his wireless printer. People aren't into this tech stuff.

Gran_Turismo3981d ago

Most people really dont know notin when it comes to new technology.. cept for most of us gamers :)...

macalatus3981d ago

Wait 'till you see what technologies would be available in the future to your grandkids...only then 'us' current gamers will "out of the loop". ;-)

jaja14343981d ago

"except for us gamers"? Ha
With all the fanboys floating around be them PS3/360/HD/BR you would think that no one here knows anything about technology. Or they just like to spread lies. Either way.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3981d ago

and frightening. Computer technology is turning into the automobile industry, where the vast majority of people don't know a carburetor from an alternator or the CPU from a GPU. I know it's not possible to know everything about the technology your using, but some basics should be known before purchasing devices you know nothing about.

crck3981d ago

About a year ago I knew little about this stuff. However a year later I probably know more then just about any salesman. For instance there is no such thing as an "HD antenna" that the article mentions.

GIJeff3981d ago

theres no such thing as an HD antenna. But you do need a tv with a digital tuner to pick up HD channels.

Darkiewonder3981d ago

Since Feb. 2009 we'll switch to HD broadcasting. educate them please.

GIJeff3981d ago

Digital broadcasting, which isnt always HD. But in reality, i have an antenna, and there are already several digital channels, and for the most part, they are all HD. :)

jaja14343981d ago

Yea HD broadcasting and digital(what they are switching to) are two completely different things. Basically the government is just trying to free up some of the radio waves. Here that? The government be stealin our waves!!!

Get them!

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The story is too old to be commented.