Sony: Xfire for Untold Legends only

Many fans were delighted at the news that Sony would be using Xfire for its online service, however, Sony has clarified that the news was false. Instead, the Xfire technology was only being considered for one game: Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, which is currently being developed by Sony Online Entertainment.

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USMChardcharger5856d ago

The whole thing surrounding the PS3 has been weird. I think the announcement of Xfire had been some (if not only) good news Sony fans has had. Then for it to be taken away...

So why use it for only one game? why would you not use your own "in-place" online system? This to me sounds like they are leaning still towards letting the game makers come up with their own system. (for example, each game having its own friends list and so on)

Darth Gamer5856d ago

Would this game still be considered free to play if it is being run by Xfire's system.

OutpostCommand5856d ago

I agree USM.

A lot of confusion is around the PS3 at the moment.

USMChardcharger5856d ago

don't forget my "C". (USMC)...iam just not the same without the "c". *joking*

i just can't wait till we all find out all the final details of the PS3. everything has to be still up in the air on their end for none of the final details to have been announced.

Juggalo5856d ago

But we have to wait and how this will work...

God of Gaming5856d ago

What a letdown.... I wasnt super excited about it but I was happy that Sony FINALLY showed us something with their online setup. Microsoft was very upfront with everything they planned on supporting with games... this sure is a bummer. What worries me even more is that if ONE game is doing this then they must NOT have some form of standard setup for all games.

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The story is too old to be commented.