IGN - Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Review

IGN - The 21st century has not been kind to the point-and-click adventure genre. After a parade of hits in the '90s, the party abruptly ended. I never really understood why either. You might be able to write it off to the breathless pace at which the industry began to grow at the turn of the century or perhaps simply to the changing tastes of the player base. Regardless, I have always believed in the unique power of the adventure game. As a big fan of Day of the Tentacle, Shadowgate and Terry Pratchett's Discworld, I was really excited to have the chance to review Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space. However, it gives me absolutely no pleasure to say that this console port does everything it can to make both the franchise and the genre look bad.

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kojikondokid2634d ago

Ouch that's brutal. And to think that at one point I really did enjoy this series and games. Well I guess I'll look at this as saving money.

Lucreto2634d ago

I love the games I played these ones on the PC and the devils playhouse on the PS3.

The controls are off but everything is what you expect in a downloadable game.