Does Capcom have another runaway hit on it's hands?

Capcom, still sobering up from the celebration that is Dead Rising, announced today that it's upcoming title Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has walked away with the award for Best Xbox 360 Game at this year's Leipzig Games Convention...

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BIadestarX5857d ago

one japanese company that's smart enough to know they can make money with the 360.

DC RID3R5856d ago

capcom - a japanese company with enough balls to make games and money with the 360!!!

TheMART5856d ago

We'll see more and more exclusives from Capcom on 360 this way. And expect former PS titles to come over like DMC4

bambam19015856d ago

DMC 4 has been proven to be PS3 exclusive many times over. The latest EGM even says that RE5 and Dead Rising 2 may turn out to be PS3 exclusives. Lost Planet, which is the topic here by the way, should one of the best 360 exclusives.

PS360PCROCKS5856d ago

I LOVE the fact Capcom is supporting the 360 because all their games so far have been AWESOME. I think that people blow stuff out of the water with the PS getting the 360 games and the other way around, like 360 getting DMC4, we dont need it tho it's an old franchise on it's 3rd sequel. I think personally the reason Capcom is not giving up the sequels really either way is because they see that the 360 is where the PS2 was 6 years ago, a second console that improved on the first that's really starting to get very popular and I think they like the idea of starting all new game franchises to build on and make sequels out of...It's why the PS2 was so popular they got everything that was made for a video game console, but now all those games are on 3-4 sequels, while the Xbox 360 is getting alot of all new franchises from all companies, I think the 360 will have more exclusives this gen than the PS

XboxKing5856d ago

You got that from EGM ok stop right their. Untill CapCom says DR2 on its way only for PS3 I will not trust any thing EGM says.

bambam19015856d ago

It's doubtful that those 2 games will wind up as PS3 exclusives. They're just rumors, although EGM is more reliable than most other mags.