The top PSN games PSP Fanboy would love to see on PSP

The release of Go! Puzzle on the European PSP PlayStation Store heralds the beginning of what PSP Fanboy hope is a long-running trend: the porting of downloadable PSN games to the PSP.

PSP Fanboy list some of their favorite games that are currently only available on PS3, which they hope to see on their favorite handheld some time soon.

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whateva6084d ago

no umd's = less cost to make games = more games being made

why wouldn't you buy new games that's about $5 -$10 - $15 and $20

and PS1 games for $5 PSP is the best handheld ever.

xplosneer6084d ago

But I though Go! Sodoku originated on the PSP and Lemmgings is already on it. But I would love to play flOw or CAC, and more over remote play if possible.


Why Lemmings is the Best Real-Time Puzzle Game Ever

To become a classic, a game needs more than green-haired little guys. Read this to know the history of the game, how it was created, and why it is so good.

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Profchaos422d ago

Lemmings was the greatest puzzle game ever thanks to one magical homicidal button....it was mind blowing


'Lemmings: Can You Dig It?' celebrates DMA Design's classic

Lemmings: Can You Dig It? celebrates 30 years of the beloved title, bringing together former DMA Design employees to discuss its creation.

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Profchaos890d ago

Cool a documentary is coming at least they didn't celebrate with the release of a nft like Castlevania.

jznrpg934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I really enjoyed Commando as a kid and it’s not listed . I bet it’s cheap maybe? Beat all 99 levels just to find out you start all over again .

djl3485933d ago

You must be talking about Captain Commando and no it's not cheap...going for about $130.

Jiub933d ago

I'm surprised Illusion of Gaia doesn't cost more

Knightofelemia933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Any retro console is still worth buying in 2022 whether a Genesis, NES, SMS, TG16. Some systems command a higher price then others but a SNES is still reasonably priced and worth grabbing you can mod the NA SNES to play Japanese games throw in an Everdrive and you're set. I feel sorry for some of the consoles I see on Ebay that have holes in them, yellowed to death, modified with shitty mods that barely work. The SNES might need a little work great way to learn if yellowed just use peroxide and UV light and it will turn white again. If you have a hobby of repairing older consoles that are listed as untested broken for parts some of the repairs are basic you can save money that way when buying a retro console. I just bought a $20 NES listed as broken on Ebay disable the lock out chip and new 72pin connector and it works.

Jiub932d ago

I imagine restoration work on retro consoles is going to become much more important as the years wear on. Sure, hundreds of thousands of certain consoles were made, but fewer exist every year.

Knightofelemia932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Depends on the console a SNES for sure needs retrobrite the plastic grows brittle and literally falls apart same with the NES. A White Dreamcast also needs retrobrite if I remember right the TG16 needs new capacitors it suffers the same issue as the Game Gear. Most of the old handhelds need new screens since they fail with age my Game Gear had new capacitors put in and a McWill mod done to it. The NES needs the lock out chip disabled when the power light turns on and off maybe throw in a new 72pin as well. Sega Master System has an issue blowing out the 7805 voltage regulator. OG Xbox depending on the board revision needs a clock capacitor removed or it leaks and fries the board. N64 controller needs a new thumbstick Sega Genesis model 2 suffers from the solder around the power supply is prone to cracking hence the system will not power up. Sega CD model 1 the laser dies fast model 2 the rubber feet supporting the drive fail and the model is know to throw the pico fuse so it dies fast as well.

It also depends how you treat the system also I baby my shit. I don't throw it around like a football the systems I see that might need the most help going through the years are the ones that use lasers and discs. I know some systems have problems due to how they were built as well like again certain board revisions of an OG Xbox and the Game Gear. I have bought broken systems and picked them for parts. I actually enjoy fixing older systems it's relaxing and a great way to teach yourself new skills.

Retroman933d ago

Turning 64 this year.....my days playing video games are Now over.... time to move on to Jesus Christ .....I wish all of you Happy New Year . Game on Dudes!!!
It was fun while it lasted.