Xbox 360 System Failure: Scratched Discs Can Wreck a Rock Band

The Washington Post - Sunday, November 25, 2007; Page F01 (i.e., front page):

The Washington Post's Mike Musgrove encountered a frustrating technical error when his Xbox 360 scratched the "Rock Bank" game and left it unplayable after only about a day's worth of use - and he blames Microsoft. Musgrove reports a number of technical problems with the Xbox 360 and the class-action lawsuits against Microsoft resulted from those problems. His report focuses on scratched-disc stories, as reported by other Xbox owners, lawyers, Ars Technica, and GameFly.

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360sucks5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

nothing new from
(Reply)awww dont be mad
go back and play mass eflops
i mean effect

iceice1235792d ago Show
Douche5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

Umm, don't quite know what you mean. Could you explain? As to the topic, there should be a new headline. "Yet Again, Another Way The 360 Fails" That kinda works, right?

PS3PCFTW5791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )


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gamesR4fun5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

But man this is goin to turn into a total flamewar....

Look dont h8 if your a gamer you should call the console makers on their stuff... Dont care who it is if they make a faulty product they should be held responsible.

Same for games imo Ubisoft owes me a refund or a working patch asap for AC.

Douchebaggery5792d ago

My 1st x360 used to scratch disc all the time.

InMyOpinion5792d ago

My friend had a game that got scratched. He got it replaced for free. Maybe Mike Musgrove should try that as well.

TheMART5792d ago

Meh... Already known and already dealt with.

There are three drives in the 360

BenQ (only recently)

Hitachi was most noisy, but had rubber bumpers around the laser.
Toshiba/Samsung was more quiet, but was missing the rubber bumpers. No one knowns why because T/S PC drives have them. T/S produces them, not MS, so I would actually blame them.

MS has taken actions. Both drives are replaced by BenQ drives. Quiet & rubber bumpers. BenQ = Philips. Repairs get back with BenQ. New 360's are BenQ. Done

Vip3r5792d ago

This one obviously wasn't BenQ and hasn't been dealt with it wouldn't have this problem in the first place. Also do Microsoft replace scratched or damages disks after they repair the console?

Bibto5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

I always thought BenQ was Asustek. It's a Taiwanese company, so I don't think it's Philips.

EDIT: Nevermind. I see that BenQ and Philips have a partnership to create DVD drives.

TheMART5792d ago

@ Vip3r

That's what I am saying. Call MS, say your 360 scratch discs, say it's a Toshiba/Samsung and send it in. You'll get a BenQ back.

For the games: only Microsoft games have a replacement program @ MS. Others don't. But hey, Sony also hasn't. Because a game can be scratched on more then one way.

Anyone with a T/S drive could do the calling 'I have a scratching 360' even if they don't experience it yet. And get it back with a BenQ drive. And yes, it's Philips.

hardcorehippiez5792d ago

because i dont want another reason not to buy a 360 again just yet. but this is where i believe blu ray has the advantage . no scratches i have been waiting for this since cd's . if anybody rememembers the transition from vinyl to cd you will remember the promises that was made and how they would be more durable than vinyl was for music and that turned out to be so untrue . anyway im not dissing on the xbox ive had 1 loved it but i refuse to buy another 1 until microsoft sorts the problems out and is proven.i being an avid pc user have been led down the road by microsoft b4 to be promised improvement and fixes to buggy os's only to be dumped on and forgot about so i dont trust them in the slightest.to me the xbox is the only thing they have done right and theyve still messed that up.

jorellpogi5791d ago

My 360 was manufactured November 29, 2005, what do you think was the brand of disk drive? My 360 is almost two years old and never scratched any disks. There are times it can't read some disk but I just reload them until it can read them.

Does the 360 has CMOS battery? Because the date and time always reset to factory defaults when I turn it on.

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