Leipzig votes Lost Planet the best 360 game

At the Leipzig gaming convention several weeks ago, Lost Planet made its multiplayer debut. The response was awesome.

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Sevir045864d ago

If people are saying this in germany, then capcom will definatley have another AAA title. that's great, i guess GOW was just too linear for everyone at germany, like i said GOW probably will be a good game but replay value might not be, and it's really over hyped people will rush out to buy it, heck i'll by it but i'm betting anything that alot will be like ok it's good but whats the hype for. Lost planet is really shaping up to be good and i know i'll have that game come 2007. ^^ go capcom, wow everyone at TGS with DMC4 and Lost planet. give us all a reason to play the ps3 and 360s alike

TheMART5864d ago

I guess it's also because GoW already has been placed as the ultimate game by E3 and Leipzig doesn't want to be just following what's already known.

What makes you think GoW is -too- linear and Lost Planet isn't? It's really strange that you can state this while you haven't played Gears, only saw the great pictures and footage a bit.

I feel that it's not overhyped. It'll just be that, just great. But that's a feeling, we still have to see more and play more before we can really say what it is. But I bet when MS puts all the money on this one it's big. I guess even a Halo 'killer' and leading 360 this gen to the nr. 1 spot

uuuunvnv25864d ago

Are you serious??? you honestly think that a GOW is not going to be all that? Not woth the hype? All the hype has come from people that have played the game not seen some CG movie. Everyone has seen the full level demo, and even in crapy as heck resolution it still looked crazy good. as for replay value, thats why they made live. beat the game on super hard once and then take it to live, thats always where the real chalenge is anyways.

bloop5864d ago

Hey guys, sorry to post off topic but, Im getting a 360, Ill probably get Saints Row with it, but what other games do you recommend??? And when is Splinter Cell out???

TheMART5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

Games that are out, depends on what you like. Racing? Shooting? Platform? In my humble opinion these are great/next gen:

- PGR3
- Kameo (both you can get them for dropped prices already, I guess somewhere around 30 Euro's/dollars)

- COD2 (if you like shooters ofcourse)
- FNR3 (really great game even if you disliked boxing games before like I do normally)
- GRAW for tactical shooting (I don't like these games also much normally but this one really got my attention!)
-Dead Rising (so freaking funny)
- Oblivion (if you like playing long hours after each other)
- DOA4 (or DOA3 if you are not into online fighting, which you can get around 10 Euro/dollar at some points)

Arcade games: UNO and Bankshot Billiards. Worth the points for sure!

Well there are some more like Condemned, but the ones above are high on the list of great games!

Some of these games just proved themselves, as over 20% of all 360 users bought them, like PGR3, COD2 and GRAW. Dead Rising for sure will join them.

Upcoming games to get: Gears of War, Forza 2, Lost Planet, Halo 3, Viva Piniata and more... Too much games almost!

FeralPhoenix5864d ago

but this is old news....oh well I guess some people missed this the first time.

Munky5864d ago

Dead rising is a great game, doesn't blow you away graphically, but it is tons of fun. Oblivion is agreat from what i've read, it has recieved the highest rating for anx 360 game to date. As far as sports games go, i'm very biased being Canadian i lean heavily towards hockey games, so with that being said the two newest hockey games have recieved very good ratings 8.7(nhl 07) and 8.9(nhl2k7..Splinter cell: DA is supposed to come out OCT.19th!! :) hope this helps you out with your next purchase.

bloop5864d ago

Thanx guys. Might get Saints Row (whats that like by the way??), GRAW, Dead Rising (looks like a lot of fun) and then its either between PGR or Fight Night. Is PGR good online???

Munky5864d ago

I forgot to mention GRAW, I have npt played PGR other then the demo, but i imagine it being fun. Dont forget about the new games that are coming this fall, espcially GOW.
Its a good time to be a 360 owner :)

0ldb0y5864d ago

Saints Row is like Grand Theft Auto but upgraded in graphics and gameplay. GRAW isn't a run and gun game, more tactical and realistic, but an EXCELLENT title. PGR3 is nicely integrated into Live. I haven't personally raced others via live, but the rankings make it very interesting. PGR has always been my favorite racing line - good balance between arcarde fun and driving sim realism. Fight Night is also a beautiful title, but it comes down to whether you like racing or boxing more.

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