Sega to release NiGHTS remake for PlayStation 2

Sega announced in a recent issue of Famitsu magazine that an enhanced remake of NiGHTS into Dreams is coming to PS2 early next year.

The game, currently slated for release in Japan on Feb. 21, will support 16:9 widescreen, graphical improvements, and bonus videos and images from the original game reports Jeux-France. It will retail as a budget game for 3990 yen ($36).

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marionz5481d ago

man sega it would be real nice as a downloadable game via XBLA and PSN!

MK_Red5481d ago

Anything NiGHTs related is welcome. Great news.

I hope they put the original NiGHTs with classic graphics in it as an unlockable or something or at least release that as a downloadable game for PS3/360.

pwnsause5481d ago

Not trying to spin this or anything, but doesnt this sound like as if Sega thinks they are not going to sell many copies on the wii since its a third party game? I mean third party companies supposively dont sell their games well on the wii, except for games like guitar hero.

TheExodus5481d ago

Because it's inconceivable that NiGHTS was already in the works for PS2, but they quickly ported the PS2 codebase when Wii took off like a bat out of hell in Japan.

Omegasyde5481d ago

Ps2 graphics = Wii graphics (which are just a tad bit cleaner)

Easy porting, Easy money.

xplosneer5481d ago

NiGHTS is great and all but we need NEW IPS not milking old ones like you have FOREVER. Thank you.

MK_Red5481d ago (Edited 5481d ago )

I agree with GodofPeace.
Actually, Nintendo is worse. They haven't made anything new in decades other than Nintendogs. No new IP unless someone considers that disgusting WiiFit thing as a game... God, I really hate it. Wait until you try it and you'll know why I hate it.

And when Ubi or BioWare try new IPs with Assassins and Mass Effect, they get 7s and 8s while the 103578th Mario (Galaxy) gets all the 10/10s. Mario Galaxy is a great game and deserves the 9s and 10s but Nintendo has been making Marios since the dawn of gaming and they have to have perfected it by now.
Creating a medieval city with new and innovative free running elements may bot be perfect the first time but it's a defenitly worthy attempt that deserves as much claim as the sequel games like Mario Galaxy, COD4 and Halo 3.
Wow, what an off topic rant. Sorry :)

Can't wait for new NiGHTs. Hope they announce some versions for PS3 and 360.

xplosneer5481d ago (Edited 5481d ago )

At least their remakes are usually much better than their predecessors, but yes, they need some new IP's as well. And I agree with you MK_Red Wii Fit is a joke and I have no idea how it is getting so much hype. People if you want to work out get to a gym with an iPod, PSP, Zune, whatever....

MK_Red5481d ago

Good point xplosneer.
The hype behind WiiFit is bigger than MGS4, FFXIII, Alan Wake, Halo 4 and others combined! The hype among people was there at GDC Leipzig and TGS. At GDC, the lines for WiiFit were longer than all other lines for all PS3, 360, Wii, PC and other games combined!
In TGS, WiiFit's lines were longer than DS Brain Age, Prof Lython (Not sure about spelling), Dragon Quest DS and MGS4 lines.

And the sad thing is WiiFit wasn't any fun. Not at all, I can't even begin to describe how bad it felt. It wasn't like playing or anything. It felt like being in a gym but doing nothing usefull. Also, the motion/weight sensors were really bad at least back then.

xplosneer5481d ago

MK_Red, spot on. Bubble for the conversation.

MK_Red5481d ago

Thanks xplosneer, for the conversation and the talk. Bubbles for you my friend :)

Omegasyde5481d ago

No offense, I played Assassins Creed and I saw why the game got the low scores from some sites.

The game was clearly rushed and lots of glitches.
(Btw I got it on the 360, because the PS3 was even worse)

The game has great innovation but falls short. Mario Galaxy may be milked but it had tons of innovation too.Nintendo may milk the franchisees but with each new outing of a popular Nintendo Series, there is atleast 1 new gamplay n concept...

mario 64 = 3d
Marion sun shine = Using water as a tool,
Galaxy = Mario running upside down with each level being completly unique.

now is Nintendo could figure out how to do awesome in the online department, that would be awesome.

MK_Red5481d ago

Omegasyde, I see your point but for me, AC's unique experience was worth all the bugs.

As for Mario games, I have to disagree with you on Mario Galaxy. SMG took all of it's ideas (Aside from Bee costume) and platforming elements from Psychonauts and to some degree Ratchet & Clank UYA. It had some really clever level design choices but many of them were seen before and the overall control was a mix of Mario 64 and Twilight Princess. It was flawless but it didn't feel fresh and the experience wasn't as immersive as Mario 64 was. Assassins is flawed but it has many many new elements from new body control for combat to free running techniques.

And if games like BioShock could be made that are truly innovative, flawles and are also new IPs, then Nintendo is being lazy. BioShock uses real philosephy and great symbolism, has revolutionary AI, ground breaking graphics and the best in-game sound to date. Now a Wii game can't have the graphics of BioShock but it could be innovative, flawless and a new IP which Wii already has one (Zack & Wiki).

Again, 25435th Mario, Zelda or Metroid game is not my main problem with Nintendo. Their new direction towards casual (Big N was once the most hardcore...) and creating games like Wii Sports and things like WiiFit which by no means is a game and even worse, it's not good for practice. If you see that thing, you'll know how awefull it works (It'll be as horrible as it was at GDC unless Nintendo has completely upgraded and change the way it works which I doubt because it's already being praised.) WiiFit is not for hardcore, I get it BUT it's also NOT for casual. It's not even a game in the simplest form.
I didn't like WiiFit when it was unveiled at E3 (And poor Miyamoto showing and talking about this piece of garbage instead of Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3), but at GDC, I couldn't believe my eyes (And feet).

In short: Doing 100 push-up on mod is more fun than using WiiFit.

Sorry, I lost my control again but WiiFit is the worst game related product I've ever seen in my life. I'd rather play Superman 64, Big Rigs or Atari ET for 2 hours than to ge near that WiiFit...

Wii60PS3DSPSP5481d ago (Edited 5481d ago )

Honestly why not just name every game company besides those... Everyone is guilty of it one way or another.

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