PlayStation 3 Machinarium "the ultimate version"

The PlayStation 3 version of enchanting point and click game Machinarium is the "ultimate version", developer Amanita Design has said.
The PS3 version of Machinarium, due out in February 2012, is "more fluent" than other versions, Amanita founder Jakub Dvorský told Eurogamer at the GameCity6 festival in Nottingham.

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floetry1014160d ago

Support this game people. I bought this on PC last year and haven't regretted it one iota. Beautiful soundtrack too.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn4160d ago

I will day one! Can' t wait to play this game, I' m very happy to see this coming to PS3 since I don' t have a gaming PC.

This game has a great orignal art style!

MasterCornholio4160d ago

Good info for multiconsole owners.


GribbleGrunger4160d ago

they ought to do this for Kinect too, they could call it a point and flap your arms adventure... sorry, childish i know, but i just couldn't resist

M1chl4160d ago

Funny thing that guy who made a animation for this title was my teacher on high school. He never told us that he is working in Amanita Desing Studio. Have to say, when I found out, I felt honored to had such a experienced man for Graphic classes. Anyway this is the great experince and I am going to buy it for 3rd time (PC, iPad and now PS3)...