He Asked About Sexism in Street Fighter, and the Game’s Caretakers Didn’t Dodge

At a New York University conference about game design this past weekend, a conversation about misogyny broke out.

Street Fighter brought it on, and the answers, some of them from one of the current caretakers of the series at Capcom, were frank. You might have expected defensive answers. People don't usually react well to being told they're involved in something someone sees as misogynist. What we got was more along the lines of "Capcom is not always pushing things in the helpful direction."

It wasn't just Capcom who were called out. It was the community of Street Fighter players. There, too, the answers were most unexpected.

Baka-akaB4592d ago

Not that it's even false , but before getting offended at the way women get treated in fighting game communities , maybe they should remember that some from such communities and other highly competitive ones , are just plain jerks to most people .

Hicken4592d ago

Interesting read.

The only thing that ever bothers me, honestly, about the issue of sexism in games is that it is, honestly, the realm of men... or boys. As such, I honestly don't understand why people are surprised to hear such phrases as "I'd hit that" when referring to an anatomically attractive female character. I further don't get why anyone would NOT expect something like an ass shot to be present in what is arguably the most male-dominated gaming genre. I don't see anybody complaining about cheerleaders at football games all being female and there not being any male ones. Nobody complains about the scantily clad girls at racing events or auto shows.

And, on the complete other side, you don't hear men complaining to be made part of traditionally female institutions. The stigma that is attached to a man attempting thus is far worse- in my opinion- than being an object of desire (which, as a lover of women, I believe ALL women should be desired, to some degree... though not necessarily as an "object"); instead, a man treading in a woman's territory isn't even considered a man. Or, at the least, his manhood is diminished. And that "distinction" is granted him by both males and females, peers and strangers alike.


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RiseNShine66d ago

A true legend, how to make the best with the worst hand life can give you.

mariopasta66d ago

Damn, this guy was amazing and very courageous. It was unbelieveable how good he was at Street Fighter. Playing the game basically with his mouth. RIP.

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