GamrReview: inFamous: Festival of Blood Review

Gordon Bryant says, "Festival of Blood keeps to the spirit of the inFamous name. It's a lot of fun, with great vampire and superpowers to play around with, as well as a good amount of available side content. The only major problems are performance-related issues and a short main story. Definitely worth a try if you're into the series. Happy Halloween!"

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Torillian3734d ago

Sad this didn't end up as well as the monster themed DLC for Red Deead Redemption, I had high hopes, but I guess it sounds pretty good except for the presentation issues.

Runa2163734d ago

I felt the exact same way.

guitarded773734d ago

It's plenty fun... don't let the review sway you from purchasing something if you want it. RDR Undead is plenty of fun too, but it had presentation issues as well.

badz1493734d ago

why are they expecting the game to be longer? the game is selling for less than $10 for god sake! 2 hours is plenty for that kind of money in a sandbox game like infamous!

1 more thing is, why the hell is this still not up on Malaysia PSN, SONY?! be quick with it will ya?

r213734d ago

malaysia has PSN? Brunei doesnt :C

badz1493734d ago

but the contents are seriously compared to the US, UK or AUS! so, not even worth subscribing to PS+ due to the crappiness! and yeah...I'm complaining :-)

Rucolapesto3734d ago

nice review, that game looks interesting! :-)
Too bad that it has been rushed, but I've seen much, much much worse! XD
thanks for sharing! ^^

BrightFalls763734d ago

I'd like to see SuckerPunch put together a new open world franchise next generation but please no more infamous. This series is so repetitive and try as Sony might (just as with Resistance) you have talented developers who really shouldn't have done anything beyond the first game for each respetive series.

thespaz3734d ago

Speak for yourself. Infamous 2 kept me entertained for hours on end. I loved every minute of it. I'm just sad it's over.

By the way... the DLC was too short, but that's just fine with me because Uncharted 3 comes out tonight.

thebudgetgamer3734d ago

Don't mind him, He has a problem with everything sony.

Bathyj3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I read this review to see what he was on about but I dont get it.

I've had no Performance related issues at all.
In fact I was just sitting there last night remarking on how alive and dynamic the city looked as opposed to Batman where everything is so static and cant be moved. FoB has much more going on at the ground level, and theres much more to do.

Sorry the guy got lost for a while. I think I was on the same part. You had to do a couple UGC levels and the story kicked back in. Didnt take long to work out.

As for the length of the game, its download, 10 dollar game. What did you expect?

Having said that, I think I've played about 6-8 hours in 2 sittings and I'm not done yet. I think I'm only about halfway as good as I can guess.

Swarm of Bats in truly, truly cool. Staking from the Swarm is Ubic.

I only complained about his remarks, I didnt have a problem with his score.

Until I saw what he gave it for presentation. 6.5? What a joke.
And 7.5 for value. I'm getting about a $1 per hour here.

Runa2163734d ago

a 7.7 is actually a very good score for me. a 6.5 is like what most people would give an 8.5 for.

I loved this, but that's still a presentation error.

Bathyj3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I didnt have a problem with the overall score. A little low for me but I'm fine with that.

It wasnt until I noticed the breakdown, it started to stink abit.

6.5 implys the graphics are crap, barely passable. Infamous might not have the muscle of the Killzones and Uncharteds but its no slouch in anyones book. Like I said these heaps going on and the whole place feels very alive.

And 7 for value says to me, you're not getting your monies worth out of this game. That just boggles my mind. Thats like saying these no enough to drink in a big gulp.

Runa2163733d ago

then you don't know a whole lot about game review if you think "presentation" only refers to graphics and a 7.5 is in any way 'poor' value. a 7.5 is a good score, but not great, which is precisely what this score is.