The Club looks identical on PC/PS3/X360, DLC is undecided

Community and web lead Ben Ward answers some The Club questions on the Bizarre forums.

1. Does this game really need to be multi-platform, and will the graphics be maintained in each version?

Ben Ward: Well it doesn't need to be multi-platform in the same way as you need food and water to survive... but each version will be identical in terms of graphics (obviously you'll need a meaty enough PC to make that version look the same as the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions though)...

2. Is there any prospect of downloadable content, throughout the game's lifetime?

Ben Ward: We haven't really decided yet. That said, we've bundled as much gameplay as possible into the game on the disc, so I don't think you'll be pining for DLC any time soon (at least I hope not!).

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TheMART3985d ago

I've heard that before, like COD4 for example. PS3 and 360 version would be the same. Then if we compare closely, the 360 version is still on top. Sharper, not so pixelated like the PS3 version

They can say whatever before the game releases, but afterwards things seem to be a lot different.

LOFT3163985d ago

It's Bullsh*t in the form of themart

Laexerias3985d ago

Why do u think u knows that better than the Producer. I dont even think u can make a Game with 2 Bit (wth) Character, so shut up and let the People who know about stuff like this, talk. Gosh. And.. i mean.. how do u think u can compare something like CoD4? Do you got a PS3? Do you got a Bravia HD TV? No, i think u just got a old TV without any High Resolution and not even a HDMI/HD Cable for ur Xbox360. U just look at comparision videos of GT.
Nya, nevermind, u are a dreamer. Just go you lil mama's boy.

And to the Game!
I think it will be great. :D

Antiomo3985d ago

the mart is wearing xbox fanboy glasses when playing the game... and he is basing his observations on made up screenshots cuz he cant afford a ps3.

the fact is the developer themself said its pretty much the SAME thing.

scrillakiller3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

the guy is obseessed.hes the type to pull out a magnifying glass to see if 360 is on top.big deal u cant tell the diff in code 4 unless ur eyeballin pixels like u
go pay ur live subscription or something

on a side note i did agrre with u mart.i mean i love ps3 and xcrap sucks but it does look slightly better when u start the eyeballin

props to iw for creatin quality.ps3 is the better/stronger hardware and it just started showing it will get lots better frm here.uncharted ratchet and hs prove it and iw proves if ur not half assin u can learn the ps3

TheXgamerLive3985d ago

This happens w/every game. Developers say they'll be the same b/c they want sony fools, excuse me fans I mean to but the game at release.

digger183985d ago

Sorry guys, I know I'm still fairly new here, but I've got to say people like XGamer and The Mart talk such rubbish. I have both the 360 and PS3 hooked upto 52" Sony full 1080P (KDL-52X3500) TV and I've got to say COD4 looks like what the games Devs were saying, better lighting and textures go to the PS3 were right. I don't care if fanboys disagree with me because I think the Dev's who made the game would know better than you.

MK_Red3985d ago

I don't know but this game looks really generic. Technically graphics are rather solid but the rest has nothing special going for it. It's multiplayer looks like combination of Kane & Lynch with Gears. The kudos / score system doesn't look really ground breaking. But it's BizarreC and they could make a great game in the end.

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