Get Jurassic Park: The Game Free with 1 Year of PlayStation Plus

Morgan Haro, Community Manager for the PlayStation Network, writes:

"We’re happy to announce a limited time subscription bundle that will not only get you one year of PlayStation Plus, but also includes a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4); the new PSN adventure from the masters of episodic gaming: Telltale Games. This is a great chance to get in on all those free games, great discounts on new and classic titles, and access to exclusive features and game content. Click here to purchase a one-year subscription online."

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fluffydelusions2569d ago

Cool deal. I'm not a plus member but I may jump aboard

DarkTower8052569d ago

Damn, I just got a 3 month sub a couple weeks ago or I would've got this.

buddymagoo2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I hope this in in the UK too.

ironfist922569d ago

Knowing SCEE, they probably wont. They never do anything this amazing for EU fans

strange19862569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Hmm, I'm still not quite convinced that this will be a good game. I hope the first episode is free, or there's a demo or something.

UltimateIdiot9112569d ago

I believe now I might join PS+. I've been wanting to for a while but I couldn't find a strong reason to pull the trigger.