Bandai Namco Games TGS lineup revealed

Bandai Namco Games has a huge booth planned for the Tokyo Game Show, with over 27 titles appearing in playable form. Included are some biggies for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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nirwanda5856d ago

that line-up across all formats looks awful trusty bell is the only one that look's half decent.
Both gundam's look average culcept look [email protected] and their are not enough swear words in the english language to decribe what I though of idol master when I watched it on youtube.
where's teken, soul callibre even a wii time crisis or point blank would have stood out on this list.
they must be hiding more than a few titles

TheXgamerLive5856d ago

I believe financial dificulties has been keeping namco down. But to make money or great games in this case, ya gotta spend money.

An "ok" line up at best.

UNREAL-T5856d ago

i wanna see what sony has for us.

Phytonadione5856d ago

Excuse my ignorance...but what kind of game is Trusty Bell? The name reminds me of another soon to be "sure-fire" hit called Viva Pinata.

Jay da 2KBalla5856d ago


Trusty bell is an rpg. And your sarcasm is nothing short of what I would expect from a sony fanboy.

silent ninja5856d ago

do some research and you find out

ChickeyCantor5856d ago

tales of tempest =D!!!!
and its tales of phantasia not fantasia idiotS!

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