The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword vs The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- Battle of the "Sky"s

GamingBolt analyzes both games and tells you which one to pick up this November.

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Blackdeath_6632603d ago

lol WTF? they would recommend zelda over skyrim?
heres a quote to save you time:
"We feel that Zelda has a much better track record that Elder Scrolls does, plus Nintendo, as a developer, are more experienced than Bethesda. Also, Skyrim will definitely have a lot of glitches, which will definitely bring down the experience somewhat."

Canary2603d ago

What is that quote supposed to show? Zelda ~does~ have a better track record than TES. Nintendo ~is~ the more experienced developer. Bethesda ~is~ notorious for releasing games that are nearly unplayable due to the number of bugs, glitches and crashes players experience.

And it's not quite a matter of apples and oranges--these two games couldn't be more dissimilar.

Drake1172603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Nearly unplayable my a** if they were nearly unplayable then how do reviewers play through them b4 launch and give them great scores. Zelda is a great series and i will probably play the new one when it comes out but im a little tired of the formula. Every zelda game is almost the exact same story and you do almost exactly the same stuff in every game. Its almost always grass temple to fire temple to water temple...then at the end you save zelda. Im not saying that its a bad thing that its the same every time, because the Zelda formula is good, it just doesn't get me very excited for a new Zelda game. I know people are going to bash the hell out of me for saying this but i believe nostalgia helps people ignore some of the repetitiveness of the franchise along with the Mario franchise.

And yes they appeal to pretty different types of gamers. So tired of ppl trying to compare Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Skyward sword just because they are all types of rpgs.

Blackdeath_6632603d ago

there is no way zelda would even come close to skyrim it might be a good game but should never be compared to skyrim. zelda isnt even hd ffs. and no im not implying that graphics mean everything but what i am saying is that they shouldnt be compared let alone go on to claim zelda is better. zelda is probably the most overused franchies and lives on purely from its existing fan base rather than making its self popular with more people.

RyuCloudStrife2603d ago

yeah that quote is pretty spot on... I dont own a wii but if I did i'd get Zelda over Skyrim anyday.

dark-hollow2603d ago

And what exactly wrong with the legend of zelda franchise?

Damn xbox and ps fanboys are truely ignorant for games outside of thier holy platform.

Zelda IS comparable (and arguably better) than skyrim, gears, uncharted, batman AC etc.

Stop hating on it because you have personal agenda with nintendo and how it betrayed teh hardcore fans.

Captain Qwark 92603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

well actually, which is better is all somebodies opinion, which is "better" can never be fact.

you clearly love zelda and think its better than all those games.

i on the otherhand, think batman AC and skyrim are signifacntly better in every way than zelda. see how we both like our own games, and guess what....just becuase you think zelda is better doesnt make me enjoy either of those games anymore or anyless and i would imagine the same appliess to you.

which company makes which is irrelevant. and which platform its on is also irrelevant.

and which game has the better track record is again another opinion. zelda has been a decent franchise throughout its life but i think morrowind and oblivion are far more enjoyable than any zelda i have ever played.

and for the record, zelda has used the same formula for its games since it began, hell link doesnt talk 20 years later....

there are a number of games that do what zelda does and better imo and to be honest zelda would be more comparable to batman AC than elderscrolls becuase other than swords / shields/ arguable fantasy setting and 3rd person camera ( but thats optional and most use first ), ES and zeldas similarities end there. at least with AC they have exploration, puzzles, gadgets and there primary view/genre would both be 3rd person action adventure

cpayne932603d ago

Eh all fanboys are like that, plenty of Nintendo fanboys think that Sony and MS suck.

@Captain Qwark 9 That's true but people sometimes won't even consider another persons opinion and treat there own as fact. If I don't like a critically aclaimed series, I'm not going to tell others that they are all wrong for all liking it and I'm right.

Drake1172603d ago

Agree with Captain 100%. For ME Elder Scrolls is way more enjoyable. It really is the perfect game in my mind. BUT i can see why other people would like other games better. I grew up loving Zelda but the second i played Morrowind i was amazed. In my mind it took alot of the things that i liked about Zelda(exploration, huge open world, living breathing towns, character customization etc) and turned it up to 11. I also like the fact that there are alot more stories in ES games outside of the main story. And no in my mind collecting shiny bugs for some one to get a heart piece is not really a story. I mean after you beat the main quest in ES games you can do sooooo much more, such as guilds, daedric quests, and random side quests.

Trainz2603d ago

When you said WTF? Well I expected you to go the other direction.

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SonyNGP2603d ago

Hey look. Apples and Oranges again!

cpayne932603d ago

This site is screwing up for me for some reason. Zelda and Skyrim have two different appeals though. I'll probably be getting both though.

Chnswdchldrn2603d ago

well since i dont own a wii and am not braindead, ill be picking up skyrim

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