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Heath of PSLS has praise for the story and boss battles of Yakuza: Of the End, to be called Yakuza: Dead Souls in Europe and NA, concluding, "As a huge Yakuza fan myself, I somewhat enjoyed the game, but wish there would have been a little better pacing and more chances to explore. Dead Souls ends up being OK for what it is."

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Acquiescence2547d ago

Judging by this and Eurogamer's import review, Dead Souls isn't up to the usual standard of the Yakuza games, but I'll probably still get it anyway. I'm a sucker for Kazuma and his ragtag crew of shady characters.

T3mpr1x2547d ago

Definitely passing this game up then.

Lifewish2547d ago

I still want to give it a try since I have loved the Yakuza games, but this score does hurt a bit :(

knifefight2547d ago

You should check it out. It's decent for Yakuza fans. Wait for a price drop or pick it up used or possibly make it a rental. It's worth the satisfaction of your curiosity, at the very least.

Lifewish2547d ago

I still plan to get it.. at least as a rental.

ftwrthtx2547d ago

Sounds like a meh game.

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