Sony Santa Monica Working On Next God Of War Installment

Sony Santa Monica has begun work on the next God of War project. This is according to a recent job listing posted by the studio early this month. Santa Monica is currently looking to fill a Senior Staff Concept Artist position for a project only called “God of War”.

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Commander_TK4643d ago

I'd rather have them make Heavenly Sword 2 or something else. Let GOW rest for now.

ironfist924643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

Pretty much this. I felt GOW3 ended perfectly, so they should let the series take a rest, and for them to work on Heavenly Sword 2 would be awesome.

I hope its not GOW4, i dunno how they would continue Kratos's story, considering the events of 3, and it would simply ruin the magic of the ending.

Unless of course the create an entire new arc with a new character as the God of War, maybe he kills Kratos and takes his powers.

Angerfist4643d ago

True, God of War 3 was alright but Santa Monica should do something different, if you do the same thing over and over again chances are it gets stale.
To something with the Scale of God of War but maybe set in the present Time and some awesome enemies to fight.

TOO PAWNED4643d ago

Sony will milk GOW and Uncharted into oblivion. Ridiculous. Just let those IPs rest. How many GOW in last 5 years? FIVE!

-Alpha4643d ago

I'm pretty sure it will be a God of War title for the PSV, maybe starring Kratos' Brother?

Iroquois_Pliskin4643d ago

Please SMS, dont do it! Make something else, a new IP or something!

FlashBack4643d ago

ironfist92, wait for the credits to end, you'll get a surprise. I allways wait

TVippy4643d ago

New GoW is totally fine, unless the protagonist is Kratos again. Give me a new hero, similar gameplay and setting and I'll buy it Day 1.

Biggest4643d ago

I'd love to see them do Heavenly Sword 2, but I would also love more God of War. Why shouldn't they go with what they know? I firmly believe that people should maximize what makes them great. While I am sure SMS would be able to make other games and other types of games, I know for a fact that their work on GoW can't be beat. If they make it, I will play.

Snakefist304643d ago

It would be awesome if they use Norse Mythology!!!

KratosWitAGun4643d ago

what about halo?

darthv724643d ago

thing is...there is still more story to be told in the halo universe. With the events of GoW3, what is there for the story to progress after he killed zeus?

I guess they could go back to the beginning to when it all began. That seems to be a popular thing this gen. Much like there could be a gears 4 but actually be the setup for the whole emergence day.

The term milking would be appropriate if there was spin offs like what nintendo does with mario. Mario golf, mario kart, paper mario, mario rpg, mario paint...etc.

Using halo as you example of would be correct if we had halo racer or halo football etc. GoW will not be milked just as Halo will not be milked. Actually, that is for the developers to decide....not us.

Darrius Cole4643d ago

I hope somebody makes Heavenly Sword 2.

You can get some more story out of God of War. All of the major gods are dead, save Athena who 'reached another plane of existence' but all of the world is mess. Anytime the world is a complete mess there is a story that can be told there.

dredgewalker4643d ago

If they make another new GOW games that is great then it's not milking. But I agree that SMS should try making a new ip and try something new.

BitbyDeath4643d ago

"Using halo as you example of would be correct if we had halo racer or halo football etc."

There was a Halo RTS game....

GoW has not stooped to that level yet.
Will have to wait and see on this new one.

darthv724643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

Halo began as an RTS game. It was their conversion to an FPS that was the real change. So by releasing an RTS game after is not quite the same as Halo golf or a halo tennis.

I appreciate your effort though. I'll give you an agree.

Now, a god of war battle chess game would be interesting. Zeus and Kratos as the respected kings. Like what they did with star wars but more bloddy in capturing (or killing) the pawns etc.

KratosWitAGun4643d ago

@darthv72 ok I get what your saying but if you compare any franchise on the PS3, correct me if im wrong none of them have gone past 3 sequels. if you look at halo for example they have had at least one game a year, Uncharted is going for three and this will be god of wars second. so halo is actually being milked a lot more then these games

nycredude4643d ago

After playing Ghost of Sparda in hd and 3d I DEMAND a GOW 4 game in 3D!!!

darthv724643d ago

actually, the number of concurrent releases in a console cycle means nothing. What does is the variation of game types. Like i said, to really use the term milking would be to look at nintendo and what they have done with the Mario character.

He has been in more than just the platform game from whence he started. He has been in sports, racing, fighters, pinball....

The fact there have been 3 halo-esq fps games with a remake coming soon as well as an RTS are all staying true to the story to which the game was based. They could make an uncharted 4 and 5 as well as god of war 4, 5, 6 etc and so long as they are staying to the nature of the series they will not be considered milked.

That is the beauty of a serial/series. You want it to continue to see what happens next. I could care less if mario came out with a cooking game. That would be just another example of milking the cash cow.

gaden_malak4642d ago

Wow God of War 3 gets so lack of attention it is criminal. It is easily one of the best games this generation and more is always good.

bunfighterii4642d ago

Agreed. God of War III was awesome, and so were the other ones for that matter, but I'd like to see what they can do with a different game style or IP.

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pedo_across-the-road4643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

The project could be for the PSVita and and i heard god of war 4 was a PS4 launch title.

WitWolfy4643d ago

Some idiot told me at a gaming store that GOW 4 is coming out this year on PS3, I never laughed so hard while exiting a store in my life.

Daver4643d ago


how can you believe such a thing, no one knows what title will launch with ps4, no one even know when the ps4 will launch....

Jamzluminati4643d ago

They need to do something completely different. A new IP.

HardCover4642d ago

They said they would. Honest to God, they said it.

But then GoW3 came out, and some GoW PSP game, and the GoW HD collection, and now this GoW and...

I'm starting to think that maybe they were lying.

gaden_malak4642d ago

Sony Santa Monica only did God of War 3. The PSP games and the collection were done by another studio (can't remember off the top of my head).