Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Not on PS3?

Ubisoft UK only has listings for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Vegas 2. All other multiplatform games are listed in the PS3, and Xbox 360 sections. Could this be another Microsoft exclusive to add to the list for 2008? Only time will tell.

ben hates you5937d ago

oh god I'm tired of comments like yours, Montreal has always done good deals for Ms

and as for the money shít I'm sick of hearing about
most people don't know Sony has more money the Microsoft, i personally think neither pay reviewers and hardly pay for exclusives i just wish you would all grow up

Revenue US $51.12 billion (2007)[2]
Operating income US $18.52 billion (2007)[2]
Net income US $14.06 billion (2007)

Revenue ¥8,295.695 billion YEN ($70.303 billion USD) (2007)[2]
Operating income ¥71.75 billion YEN ($608 million USD) (2007)[2]
Net income ¥126.328 billion YEN ($1.071 billion USD) (2007)[2]

antoinetm5937d ago

sony has more money? According to ur numbers its quite the opposite.

MS's operating income as well as Net income are bigger...

which make sense since they are milking windows and office.

Revenues arent that important if they dont translate into profits.

wind_dragon5937d ago

and this is directed towards u 'antoinetm'. he's quite accurate in his numbers and they are correct. U forget that Sony is a corporation and SCE is only a subsidary. Microsft only deals in software while Sony has business in many fields, which include:
Insurance (Sony Life)
Banking(Sony Bank)
Movies/TV(Sony Pictures)
Telephones(Sony Ericsson)
Music(Sony BMG Music Group)
theres a whole list of what sony sticks their fingers into....so i'm actually surprised that these numbers r so low. He must be talking about SCE. and not the whole company.

jaja14345937d ago

I'm not sure what hes talking about but, Sony as a whole hasn't been doing so great in the past 3 or 4 years. This is mostly because their competition, mostly in the entertainment market, has undercut them in prices while still offering similar quality. Not surprisingly most of say competition is coming out of China. Also BR is costing them lots, as did developing the Cell Processor.

antoinetm5937d ago

I check to see if those number where correct. Actually they are from sony's ADR filing so they must be including the whole conglomerate.

but my point was that even tho sony has bigger revenues it also has bigger expenses and according to those numbers MS has a bigger profit margin. (and money to invest)

plus MS has twice the cash and short term investments of SONY
21 billions vs 11 (as of sept 2007)

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ddldave5937d ago

i agree, the only good exclusive game from 360 is a decent game. and that decent game is halo 3. 360 really needs a good exclusive. games like mass eflop and stuff failed miserably. i'm glad i own a wii and soon to get a ps3.

360 has no games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5937d ago (Edited 5937d ago )

Your probably one of those guys that say the sky is red not blue. Reverse your thinking and that would be the truth. Don't whine because you might lose another one :-)

Edit: nice try though. You tried to play that off pretty good, you failed because you assumed everyone was tarded and "dee dee dee".

Dr Pepper5937d ago (Edited 5937d ago )

@ 360sucks

I really don't think so. I am happy with the games that are being released for 08. But it's nice to hear you're so concerned over the 360's well-being.

-SIXAXIS-5937d ago

I doubt that it is a Microsoft exclusive although 360 does need some exclusives. PS3 would be too much to give up. The PS3 owners represent 1/3 of next-gen console owners (obviously I don't mean Wii because that's not a next-gen console).

JasonPC360PS3Wii5937d ago

What is the PS3's attach rate again? Come back and talk when you have more than R&C, RFOM and Uncharted and a better than 2 attach rate. Buy some freaking games already you PS3 fans talk about exclusives but yet you don't ever buy em, WTF? You have 1 game that sold a million RFOM and that because it was the only game for the PS3 for 6 months. Lets go through your list, you have RFOM, Uncharted and R&C and not a one of those is AAA. Now I could go through the Xbox list but just like the PS3 you don't have enough memory to handle all those games.

AngryTypingGuy5937d ago

@ddldave - Go to gamerankings.com and see how badly Mass Effect "failed". A 93% rating is hardly failing. M.E. is an awesome game period. It's very hard to put down. It's also nominated for Game of the Year for the Spike video games awards, along with Halo 3, Bioshock and the Orange Box.

As far as R6V2 goes, it could be a timed exclusive. At least that's what I think is most likely. Either that or else MS ponied up to have it as an exclusive, or else the UK listings are wrong.

Either way, I think R6V is one of the best, most addicting games so far this gen, and I can't wait for the sequel. It's my favorite game to play over Xbox Live so far.

Vulcan Raven5937d ago

Why would we buy a bunch of crappy ports? Personally if i like a game i buy it. It is not my fault other people are pissed about how ports look from one console to the next. Personally i have a very good attatch rate.

Primetimebt5937d ago (Edited 5937d ago )

Did you ever think PS owners actually prefer quality? Remember which is the console with 33% failure rate. Maybe we enjoy good games like Uncharted, resistance, r&C (which are real HD), and games with makers who actually know what there doing with titles like COD4. I guess were sorry for not going out and buying everything with a PS3 logo on like most XBOX owner do. As for Uncharted, RFOM, and R&C not triple A you keep telling you're self that because those titles are just getting warm this holiday while no first year title of X360 is even selling a quarter as many as these titles.

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sonarus5937d ago (Edited 5937d ago )

i say BS but ubisoft gave xbox splinter cell for no reason so you never knw. It will also probably utilize the unreal engine and with the UE optimizations for ps3 UE games will be easier to develop on ps3 than in the past. Also on the rainbow 6 site it says for next gen consoles and pc http://rainbowsixgame.us.ub...

This is just as silly as bandai namco listing beautiful katamari for ps3 on their official site when we all knw ps3 gets the other random game noobi oobi or sumthin.

EDMIX5937d ago

Splinter Cell, Conviction is not Exclusive, its a timed exclusive. Remember, MS had the first Splinter Cell as a 6 month exclusive, this is the same thing. I doubt Ubisoft will just give MS a game, the PS3 has more units out this year then MS had at the ending of last year, thats why Capcom put Lost planet on there ( they said before Dead rising or Lost planet was on the PS3, they needed to have a bigger installed base) 6.5 big enough for ya? Saints row2, Condemed2, and a crap load of once 360 timed games are coming out day and date on the PS3 cause is has the base for that. remember the PS3 now has more units then the 360 did last year, mind you we have not even seen heavy hitters yet.

Boldy5936d ago

I'm sorry, where did u find that Splinter Cell Conviction was a timed exclusive. Why would they, when the developers completley dissed the ps3 according to a Finnish magazine who interviewed Ubisoft:

They state the fact that they are EXCLUSIVE to the 360 allows them to do much more than if they were multiplatform, but they also state they doubt they would be able to achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive.

The developers are saying this won't be possible on the Playstation 3 as it stands.

LSDARBY5937d ago

From looking at the screenshot. 360 owners are welcome to it. It looks awful.
Judging by Ubisofts recent catalogue of games i wont be missing out on anything good. Ill be much happier with MGS4, Killzone 2, Haze, LBP and GT5 Prologue.

sonarus5937d ago

yea those games are definetly better and more anticipated but rainbow 6 is actually a pretty good game. I would definetly buy it also sony needs as many titles as they can get including multiplatform titles.

jaja14345937d ago

Did you just bases an entire argument over whether a game will be good on one 150x150 screen shot?

Real gamer 4 life5937d ago

LOL Ubisoft already announced A ps3 and xbox 360 version.

spammy_nooo5937d ago (Edited 5937d ago )

Ahem....it's *cite.

If you are going to be correcting people and giving instructions, I suggest you spell properly.

|*Off subject*|
After I added the title, it auto spell-checked me and about 100 of those pop-ups that say 'spell check is complete' came up. Just thought it was funny...