Suikoden Is Back, And It’s More Than We Can Expect

If you’re a J-RPG fan and haven’t been living under a rock you’d already know that Konami has announced the return of their most popular RPG series, Suikoden for the PSP at the Tokyo Game Show. And kudos to them for doing it.

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IrishAssa4227d ago

Psp? Not even Vita? Ah well. Probably a must buy, Suikoden 2 is my favorite J-rpg.

disturbing_flame4227d ago

Shame it's not on Vita, but i really hope this Suikoden will be good, and also will be released in europe and USA.

DarkBlood4227d ago

you can always get it digitally for the vita that is unless you prefer to own a hardcopy which is understandable

disturbing_flame4227d ago

I prefer a game developed for the Vita.

But yes i can also play it on Vita

Tr10wn4227d ago

Where is Suikoden 6 for Next gen consoles?

CLOUD19834227d ago

I read that KONAMI hired Tri-Ace to develop the game because their Suikoden team had disbanded, Tri-Ace as most of u know is the company behind Star Ocean series, the battle system of this series is not my cup of tea, Suikoden series from the other hand was always a traditional JRPG series with turn based battle system and all my favorite JRPG use this battle system, I really hope Tri-Ace wont change the battle system to some action auto-battles this will turn me off completely lets see...