10 Most Frightening PC Video Games for Halloween

If you get bored in normal Halloween activities, try playing some frightening video games!

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Venox20083312d ago

Resident Evil 5? what is it doing here?

yesmynameissumo3312d ago

Have to agree. RE5 is as scary as The Lion King.

IrishAssa3312d ago

List of horror games....not scary games, there 2 games I would consider scary on that list.

Letros3312d ago

Stalker is missing, typical bad list.

IrishAssa3312d ago

Yeah Stalker has some scary parts that far surpass almost every game on the list too

arnyftw3312d ago

Frightening? Lol left 4 dead 2 isnt frightening, its boring, I preferred l4d1

iNcRiMiNaTi3312d ago

Left 4 Dead 2 and Resident Evil 5? Really?
Where's Fatal Frame or Siren? Or since they have Doom 3 take it back to Silent Hill or something.

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