In-Game Uncharted Series Comparison Proves PS3′s Graphical Power

Naughty Dog’s upcoming title – Uncharted 3 has been in the news for a long time, and today we take a look at what exactly the developer’s achieved with its latest iteration of the title by comparing it with previous iterations from the developer.

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psb2600d ago

The most evolved looking out of the three characters seems to be Elena, she's looking much better in the third game, and the least according to me to Sully, I liked him better in Uncharted 2. Overall, Uncharted to Uncharted 3 - Huge leap, Uncharted 2 - Uncharted 3 - Noticeable but not extraordinary.

ThanatosDMC2600d ago

Elena looks asian on the third pic.... wtf?! HAHAHA!

tarbis2600d ago

Yeah, LOL!
Must be the angle or when she was trying to blink her eyes.

MaxXAttaxX2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

In the first set of pics, UC2 is from multiplayer.

The second set of pics, the UC1 pic is from the announcement trailer (possibly pre-Alpha?) you can tell from the character model and background.

Third set of pics, UC2 is also from multiplayer.

The fourth and last comparison is fine, but the first two games(pics) take place in an outdoor/sunny setting while the UC3 pic is in-doors.

Have these people even played the game to notice when certain images don't belong or make sense?

Marceles2600d ago

Look at the troll comments on the site lol

zeeshan2600d ago

Naughty Dogs should be the first devs to see PS4 and start getting their hands dirty (if they aren't already). A Naughty Dog Uncharted 4 PS4 release title will be SIMPLY EPICCC!!

pomoluese2600d ago

There are scenes in the game where she looks more Asian than just in that pic. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought it.

ApplEaglElephant2600d ago

cause the so called multiplayer pic you called out is single player.

you can tell by the skin. also, he is holding the quest key item.

Legion2600d ago

She looks Asian because of the lack of clarity on the inside of her eye area in that picture. The line that usually gives the shape is missing or just not visible in the picture. Making it look like she has the extra flap that is prevalent in the Asian look.

Looks good though.

miyamoto2600d ago

Character design is top dog better n hit the spot in UC3. check how good CHLOE looks now!

RowSand2599d ago

i think she has been biten some bees, and her eys little bit swollen

R6ex2599d ago

Asian chicks are HOT! ;P

itsallgud2599d ago

Well this doesn't really prove anything since this game doesn't appear on xbox. I'm sure the ps3 version would pale in comparison.

dontbhatin2599d ago

just cause they gave her eyes a more feminine look doesn't make her look asian. compare side to side a asian chick and uncharted 3 elena and you will understand.

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A-Glorious-Dawn2600d ago

**Possible massive spoiler below***

Chaostar2600d ago

Argh! I want to scroll down but now I'm scared :D

Thanks though.

Oner2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )


killerhog2600d ago

i thought elena looked better in uncharted 1, she looks real asian in uncharted 3, at least in that pic they chose, probably her eyes being shut a bit.

caseh2600d ago

I thought she looked best in UC2, not too fussed on how she looks in UC3 it kinda looks like shes had botox injections all over her face :)

FanboyPunisher2600d ago ShowReplies(4)
jc485732600d ago

it's like all of sudden all the characters got prettier.

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Blacksand12599d ago

They made Sully look a little old as the series evolved. this is a epic game, so ND said they was going to look a little old as the series go on.

gapecanpie2599d ago

This is nothing new .... Every game system that can produce 3D graphics have done this .... Like when the ps2 was first release the lauched games looked like sh*t compared to the games that came out towards the end of its life cycle and UC to UC2 was a huge leap UC2 to UC3 not so much.

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shodaime2600d ago

yeah, this is prolly the most deserving game to have that title, no one can use the PS3 as efficiently as Naughty Dog, and some of the things they've done with the console are amazing. Can't wait to play this game.

Chuk52600d ago

Proves? I love how people out there put these titles on stories as if there isn't proof of the PS3s graphical muscle or there's like some insane critics out there saying otherwise. Thanks bro, It's not like MGS4 came out 3 years ago and did exactly that.

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cyborg2600d ago

I do think this game's one of the best looking titles on the console, but how does it proof it's power? Well, but I do agree when it comes to exclusives, Naughty Dog is the best PS3 developer, no second thoughts about that.