IGN: Limbo Follow-Up Will be "More Crazy"

IGN writes: Developer PlayDead has begun to discuss its follow-up to Limbo, which has been in production for over a year. According to PlayDead boss Dino Patti, the game will look very different than Limbo and will also be in color.

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Chuk54234d ago

Limbo was one of my favorite games last year. It'll be interesting to see what this game is.

Black-Helghast4233d ago

This game is beautiful, I loved it.

aviator1894234d ago

Good to hear. I like crazy ideas.

JellyJelly4234d ago

And more "longer" I hope. Limbo was amazing but too short to justify its price.

TOO PAWNED4234d ago

I wish I was as talented as some of these folks. Just imagine making something so creative...