Top 10 Ways to Die in a Video Game

If you've been playing video games as long as I have—or even longer—you've undoubtedly come across a fair share of deaths. They range from sudden, unexpected deaths to the more traumatizing ones where you actually watch the character you've been playing get chainsawed, curb-stomped, or ripped apart in any number of brutal ways. Here are ten deaths that we'll never forget.

Solidus187-SCMilk4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

#1 has to be fall in a hole/pit/spikes I think.

I did it in when I was little in mario, and Im still doing it today, especially in games like Dark souls. Ive fallen off of ALOT of stuff in dark souls.

edit- Also I agree that dead space 1 and 2 have the most gruesome and awesome deaths in any game ever.

P_Bomb4234d ago

Ah yes pits, bottomless or otherwise!

What else? The dreaded 1980's time limit, more for driving games nowadays. And the auto scrolling screen of doom where touching the sides or bottom would kill you even if there was a platform there like 2 seconds ago (ie. Kid Icarus), lol.

Running out of quarters at the arcades killed me quite a bit, heh.

Canary4234d ago

The 10 are:

10. Imploding (Pac-Man)
9. Radiation Sickness (CoD: Modern Warfare)
8. Fatalities (Mortal Kombat)
7. Falling off a ledge (Left 4 Dead)
6. Drowning (Sonic)
5. Scissors (Clock Tower)
4. Eaten by Tyrannosaur (Dino Crisis)
3. Anything (Demon's Souls)
2. Chainsaw Decapitation (Resident Evil 4)
1. Puker Vomit(?) (Dead Space 2)

Oddly specific, and I'm not sure their list really jives with the concept of "top 10 deaths." One would think top-10 would mean the most common, the most fun, etc., but the list contains too many items that are too generic and too many items that are too specific and at least one item that is too vague for the article to fully cohere.

sickshot694234d ago

Fatalities are so freaking awesome