XBLA games you can’t pass on the cheap: Volume 1

It's easy to say "Buy It", but when you're strapped for cash which games are the best to grab on sale?

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cain1414347d ago

My people should play Shuggy. Great game.

Also I can't wait for the new Trenched DLC.


Coming to Xbox Game Pass: Minecraft Legends, Loop Hero, Ghostwire: Tokyo

Protect humanity, defeat Piglins, confront the supernatural, and take to the ice – all coming soon and playable from the comfort of your gaming setups! (And if you want to stay comfy in your gaming chair, just use the Game Pass mobile app to pre-install the games to your console or PC).

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Elda171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

The early month of GP looks meh to me.

Crows90171d ago

loop hero has had great reception

aconnellan171d ago


So if it’s on GP too close to release it hurts the devs, but 12 months is too old? When should games get added?

onisama170d ago Show
Neonridr170d ago

@jeromeface - if you've never played the game, does it matter if it came out yesterday or 3 years ago?

Crows90170d ago


Thats irrelevant. I base my preferences on what is good not what is old. Sackboy adventure is old but still a good addition to ps plus.

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Terry_B171d ago

their lineup lately is pretty weird, they have less games than ever per update and more games leave the service

Lightning77171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Not even remotely true....

You can keep spreading lies I suppose.

LabRat171d ago

@lightning77 it does actually seem like that. Up until this Activision Blizzard thing started getting a lot of backlash, they were adding like 6 - 8 games every 2 weeks and advertising them like crazy. Now the games seem to trickle in every few weeks, like we get 1, then a week later another, and so fourth. It has changed there is no denying that.

Lightning77171d ago

@lab this is only the first half of the month.

The second half will have Minecraft Legends Last Case Of Benedict Fox and several others. That's how its always been. You can't sit there and ignore the slew of games that hit the service sinceJanuary

So no it's lies and misinformation as I said.

LabRat171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@Lightning77 This post has minecraft legends listed, so this is an overview of the entire month. And as I said, they have not done the every 2 week format (first half of the month/second half of the month) all of 2023. I'm sure they will have a few more than this but they have been just kind of trickling games out whenever, and not really even announcing them.

I'm not ignoring the games that have come, I play gamepass all the time, but again, it has definitely slowed down and they definitely changed the format.

jeromeface171d ago

I love how defensive people get when you criticize facts about gamepass.

IamTylerDurden1170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

It was dry prior to Atomic Heart. Particularly after the MH DLC which personally meant nothing to me. There was a period where newly added games featured mostly Mortal Shell and Metal Hellsinger which were both old GP releases. Even from fall to early 2023 was overrated imo. Games like Scorn and High on Life did not meet the hype and were panned critically and P5 and MH were games that released on PS+ yrs ago or DLC to a game that was on Plus yrs ago. In truth GP was disappointing to me for a while. Particularly considering Starfield, Stalker, Redfall were all delayed and that was the reason i resubbed last yr.

However, since Atomic Heart it has picked up. While broken, i enjoyed AH and though Wo Long wasn't as good as anticipated, it was still solid for GP day 1. Loop Hero is a nice addition and MLB as well. Not sure where Darktide is but GP has indeed been better. No interest in Minecraft and Ghostwire is on PS+ with Dualsense but i'm enjoying GP again.

AirRevenant170d ago

I have to agree with the drop in quality (but that's always subjective) -- I finally cancelled my subscription.

They've seemingly bailed on the family pc game pass that they were testing out in Ireland, that would have kept me subscribed. They don't even ask why you are cancelling when you cancel, not that they ever read that.

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King_Noctis170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

I might be wrong, but didn’t you say how great Ghostwire Tokyo was when it was released?

Obscure_Observer171d ago

Looking forward to play the definitive edition of Ghostwire Tokio on my SX!

shinoff2183171d ago

Isn't the same edition available on ps5

Obscure_Observer171d ago


The day the game releases on Gamepass it will be getting a massive update. PS5 players will be getting it as well.

shinoff2183171d ago

So yea. The same edition. Same day. Lol

IamTylerDurden1170d ago

No, it lacks the Dualsense implementation. So u can argue it's an inferior edition.

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S2Killinit171d ago

I’ve been playing Ghostwire on Plus/Extra for a while now. Highly recommend.

jznrpg171d ago

It’s okish. Combat isn’t very good . Have fun with the same version that PS has but definitive for you somehow

Obscure_Observer171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

"Have fun with the same version that PS has but definitive for you somehow"


New areas ⛩️
New missions 📖
New powers 🔥
New collectibles 😼
New enemies 👹
New roguelite mode ☠️

Definitely NOT the version that PS5 players has been playing, but whatever makes you sleep at night.

Rockstar171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@ Obscure

When you're an xbox fanboy you've got to have something to look forward to.