Apple unveils plans to let you buy iPod games on iTunes

Apple's Steve Jobs is making a series of new product and service announcements, and first on the list is beefed-up gaming capabilities for iPods.

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clayton5860d ago

Screw apple, you can get an mp3 with the same functionality for under one hundred dollars. It is call the zview, I own both the ZView and IPod and the ZView is better in my opinion.

BIadestarX5860d ago

this would be cook if it would be design to run games. Zune! all the way for me.

wakkiwakko5859d ago

I like the simplicity of apple and ipod. :D You get what you pay for, and with apple you pay for quality. :D

Optimus Prime5859d ago

yea i am with ya bladestar, ZUNE all the way for me too!

BlackCountryBob5859d ago

I have a ipod and love it, I bought zuma last night and loved it, this morning I saw the worldwide prices, £3.99 in UK but only £2.66 in USA and £2.72 in EU nations! Steve Jobs, you have lost my business because you joined the ranks of corporations ripping off the British consumer, here I come Creative!