PS3 production to begin this month

It's seems that Sony is finally willing to offer more details on the PlayStation 3's production, and has announced that assembly of the console will begin at the end of this month. This is the first official release concerning production, since Sony President Kaz Hirai said that production of the PlayStation 3 had yet to begin last month.

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Boink5863d ago

a month and a half left to launch. way to cut it close.

so they are going to produce 500,000 of them, and get them shipped on time. That does not leave a lot of time for the mass production final product testing. Should make for some interesting stories. Make sure folks who buy get a warranty, although I don't think ebay versions will have one:).

SjaakHaas5862d ago

500.000 within 1,5 month.
Means more than 10.000 a day, meaning over 460 a hour wich means they will have to make at least 8 PS3's within a minute... hmmm and thats all part from packaging and shipping.

Sphinx5863d ago

Way to go, Sony! You better rush those suckers out the door! Haha... wait, you forgot this bug! Oh yeah, and this one... eh, forget it, it's got enough already.

xrobbanx5863d ago

Think we will se alot of faulty PS3s hope their online service is as good as MS

OutLaw5863d ago

Why play it close like this? Sony is going to [email protected]#k this up if they don't get their act together. I see more of a shortage than what they are speaking of. Can we say 300,000 units for America

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The story is too old to be commented.