TLR: Shadows of the Damned Review

J. Valdez of TLR writes "When you’re tired of the seriousness in the stories of some of today’s games, rest assured you can find a healthy dose of immaturity with shadows of the damned."

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rezzah3857d ago

This game is funny and it's horror is awesome.

It isn't a serious game which is why it is funny and unique.

Weapons are cool too.

maniacmayhem3857d ago

They give Catherine a 3.5 but this gets a 4?

Shadows of the Damned and X-men:Destiny are two of the worse games i have played this gen.

rezzah3857d ago

I guess it's based on how much the reviewer enjoyed the game, it is an opinion after all.

Just like how you have yours.

maniacmayhem3856d ago

I guess.

Shadows still sucked tho.

svoulis3856d ago

Great game i mean really funny as hell, any game that can make fun of itself and still be good deserves a good score.

While i enjoyed Catherine a lot, some didn't the humor was very anime like and that turned people away.