The Value of the PSP

J.M. Smith of GamersMark writes:

"Early in its life cycle, the price of a PlayStation Portable was often a point of ridicule for those who supported Nintendo's DS. The latter system's $130 price tag has given it a nearly untouchable status in the handheld market. Certainly, this lower expense was the main reason that I initially shied away from purchasing Sony's entry into the handheld market. Once I finally got my hands on a PSP, albeit as a birthday gift, I began to realize just how much functionality comes out of such a diminutive device."

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Charlie26883984d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

I LOVE the multifuctionality of my PSP, it was a life saver at school and its a life saver at work :P

cuz watching anime at work...priceless XD

Night4ll3983d ago

And I think it's one of my worst purchases ever. I bought into the whole idea of it being more powerful than the DS and it's better graphics, but in terms of fun factor the DS is still more fun. I barely touch my psp, and am now back on my DS.

Overall I think the PSP has great features and is very impressive (techinally), I don't find it fun... hopefully God of war chains of olympus will be good because that will be the last PSP game I may end up buying bringing me to a grand total of 3 games.

DJ3983d ago

The ones who love it tend to use the photo, music, and video functionality constantly. PSP games are, for the most part, a lot different from DS titles. DS titles tend to be more traditional 2D titles, while PSP is basically PS2 in handheld form.

Some people like playing PS2-style titles, while others prefer the Zelda and Mario style games.

Biphter3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

PSP for just over 2 years now, and its the most used Gadget i've ever owned. Admittedley its used more for the media functions generally. I game on it alot, but listen to music and watch movies alot more. I have a long commute to and from work so its an ideal "Jack of all trades" for me. The games appeal more to me than the DS ones ive seen, and the added bonus of being able to do media stuff on my PSP makes it ideal. It's usually quite an eye cathcer when I suddenly pull it from my pocket and start playing a game on the bus/Train. Many folks start to stare at it like its some amazing alien device! Can be a bit off putting though when you have an audience of strangers watching you play a game.. MUST DO GOOD! DON'T HIT THE WALL... PEOPLE WATCHING... *CRASH*... dammit..

I'm looking forward to Wipeout Pulse and GoW:CoO games wise though! :)

pacman6153983d ago be able to play ps3 games from a wifi spot is just amazing....people always bash it until they get their hands on one...

KingKirchner3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

I'll probably end up getting a PSP sometime next year. Mabye for birthday. I already have a DS, and it's pretty good. I only have 4 games though, but there's a couple more that I want. PSP seems to have a couple more games that interest me like God of War, FFT: War of the Lions, Disgaea, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and a couple others.

Also I don't have any portable music player so I'll use my PSP for that too.

PS3n3603983d ago

I had one for a couple years. I enjoyed it on flights which was alot for my work. I felt the games lacked a little in the casual department and the controls were hard on my hands so i used it most for watching videos. I ended up selling it and getting an ipod touch for video and music, but The psp was pretty damn slick piece of hardware The first time i saw one at my brother in laws house I felt jealousy like i hadnt felt since I was a kid. Well worth the price if you have the time and place to use it.

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