Konami reveals a huge TGS lineup

Konami has released their complete lineup for games being shown at the Tokyo Game Show in just under two weeks.

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ChickeyCantor5865d ago

castlevania for Wii where you really can whoop some bone a$$

but nice line up allot of games me want!

BIadestarX5865d ago

Konami can take "Winning Eleven-Serie" and put it up their ***. And Japanese publichers are not bias? One single game for the 360 and 3 for the PS3 and non-existant console.

Phytonadione5865d ago

Maybe if all the 360 fans write to Konami and complain about the lack of support, they might be willing to port over the Mahjong game. But seriously, I can't wait for the next-gen play of Mahjong. I wonder if they'll be able to support 60 fps and 1080p with that game...hmmmm, Mahjong, yum.

DC RID3R5865d ago

your damn right bro!!!!!!!!!
only good thing outta this is the exclusive pro evo deal!!!
but konami have seriously dissapointed me in their lack of support for 360.

it seems like capcom are the only true mavericks in japan!!

BIadestarX5865d ago

That's why Sony is so confident they will do well. Japanese developers and publishers will not let the PS3 die. It would be a lost for all of them. That's why they prefer to not make money for the last year and not give support to the 360, instead they rather sell a few copies of their games considering the shortages and no PS3 global launch. I don't want to go as far as wanting the PS3 to die; but I would enjoy seen all these bias developers having to change carriers.

kingboy5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

j`aime bien c line up konami.j trouve ca super.Trois jeux ps3 en supporte c la classe.

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The story is too old to be commented.